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Is anyone here a student class representative (President, VP, secretary or treasurer?) I am thinking about running for my class, but am wondering if the time commitment is huge.



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I'm the Public Relations officer for my school's SNA, and no, there isn't a huge time commitment involved. I make posters advertising upcoming events to raise money for us and participate in anything else related to SNA whenever it comes up (meetings, fundraisers, etc.) but we don't do anything that requires too much time...we have readings to do to! You should run for office; it looks great on a resume.



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I"m the class secretary but our class is only 14 ppl so its not a big time commitment. Its fun and I wanted to do stuff in nursing school since I never did in high school! :):)



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depends on what position you are running for. they have different levels of commitment. in my class, I am seeing president, vice president, have the largest level of commitment. treasurer is pretty busy once the fundraising starts.



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Hi, Michelle! I am the president of our school's SNA and it has not been an easy job! I think it really depends on how many fundraisers, projects, and meetings your group has. We have not done too many, but it is my job to coordinate everything. It also depends on how much participation you have from those in your SNA. It can be difficult to convince your classmates to help out with a fundraiser when they are worried about passing the upcoming test! If your group is an active bunch who wants to participate, it shouldn't be too bad. Good luck with your decision!




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I give a lot of credit to those of you on your SNA boards. We get invites to all of the meetings and fundraisers, but with such a big commute (2 1/2 hours a day) and a household and 4 kids, and going through a divorce, I don't have the time or energy to devote to it.

I think ANY capacity you serve in is a great service to all. Even if it's not on the board, but just an attendee, you're doing a lot more than I have. :stone

We are going to be making Thanksgiving baskets for the poor. Each department is doing one, and there was a little friendly competition last year between the two day nursing lecture groups (from what our prof told us - I wasn't here last year). They have several from each lecture group put them together and decorate them, then they are blessed and delivered to the families. Since I can't participate in that, and I do have the money to spend, I'll be buying a LOT of goods for the baskets. I think this is a good compromise, since a lot of my fellow classmates have the time but not the money.

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I was class president for both years of my program, and other than a monthly newsletter (single page) and attending faculty meetings every 2 weeks, my time commitment was minimal. The meetings were actually very interesting.....I learned that my instructors didn't sit around thinking up new and unusual ways to torment us, they were too busy planning the curriculum, dealing with the college bureaucracy, raising money for the program, and doing their own continuing education!

BTW, being a class officer or serving on the student council looks nice on a resume and gives one a little bit of an edge on the competition. :)


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I'm president of my SNA. We have a number of functions, some of them are quite humungous. For instance, we have an NSA day which invovles the entire college and members of the community.

There are a number of factors that go into deciding to get involved. You will want to know the nature of the events, how many, is the group supportive of one another or is it a big clique. After much consideration, I will be stepping down because there are too many negatives for me to continue on.

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I am Vice-Pres. of my class and so far it isn't very time consuming. Our sophomore class told us that we would be lucky to spend an hour a week on the jobs related to the office. Now, if we could just get everyone off their hiney's to start raising money, I'd be extremely happy!

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