What happened to all the Walden Haters?

  1. Several years ago I got into some heated arguments with people on this sight about Walden University, and their quality of education or legitimacy. I Don't hear much about that anymore.

    Well let me just give a little update after almost 4 years after graduating Walden's FNP program. After graduation, licensure, and certification (ten days after graduation without a prep course) I went to work with my last preceptor in a family practice clinic. I worked very hard, and learned a great deal. I did some overtime and made almost $130,000 my first year out of school. My next year, I was given a satellite clinic on my own, and built it up That second year I made $157,000 in salary. After 2 years in family practice, I began to get a little bored, and decide to move into emergency medicine.

    I took a job in a critical access hospital in Montana, became ATLS and NRP certified and started working ER as a sole provider in this rural community. My first year of that I made $161,000. Mainly though, I got a massive amount of experience and knowledge from this first ER gig. Ultimately, I started doing a little Locums work on the side, and realized that not only did I enjoy locums work, but there was a huge demand for locums ER providers.

    Within a few months, I went out on my own as a private contractor working locums assignments all over the US. I have numerous state licenses, and have many ongoing contracts with small critical access hospital in many states. Also, I work telemedicine in 5 different states.  This year I have made $200,000, with 9 weeks off so far and have 10 days planned off around the holidays. I work when I want to, and I am my own boss.

    My point in all of this is...; My Walden education experience was a good one. I got what I needed to be successful in my profession.  Don't let people tell you what you can and can't do. Decide what you want to do and do it! Don't let peoples opinion dictate your life, they don't get to live your life.

    Ironically, I heard a lot of skeptics talk about how it would be hard to find a job after graduation from Walden University......NOPE, not one time have I had a single issue in finding a job, or negotiating a contract due to where I went to school. In fact, no one has ever even asked where I went to school. However, when I was sitting in an interview with a CEO a couple of years ago, I happened to look on her wall where there just happened to be a diploma from Walden University hanging. We talked about our common alumnus status for a brief moment, then I signed the contract.So maybe, just maybe, my Walden affiliation HELPED me get employed....who knows?
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  3. by   klone
    Congrats on your success! I know nothing about Walden haters. I know that for-profit universities are often prohibitively expensive, compared to other programs.
  4. by   Mark Hill BSN
    They can be, however I didn't have much choice at the time. Many not for profits are expensive as well...
  5. by   EllaBella1
    Interesting insight. I recently filled out an online form for some info from Walden and put that my preferred form of contact was email. I was very put off when they then proceeded to call me DAILY for about a month, always between 10am-2 pm. I'm a nightshifter, so I genuinely missed the first 5 or so calls. After that I deliberately ignored their calls. I felt like they were a telemarketer trying to sell me something. Kinda made me feel like I just being solicited for money and not evaluated for what I could contribute to the school's alumni base if I were to graduate from there. I eventually called them back and left a voicemail and told them just how I felt about receiving so many calls from them. Needless to say I don't think I would have a chance to get in there even if I wanted to after the voicemail I left.
  6. by   Mark Hill BSN
    Well, I cant speak to that. Never had that experience. Honestly, my experience with Walden was seamless from start to finish. Its not often I have been able to say that about most anything...
  7. by   traumaRUs
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  8. by   Bumex
    Congrats on your success for sure, but there is a slight problem in your argument. Monetary success does not necessarily equate to being a good clinician. I know plenty of providers who own their own practice and make tons of money, but they are terrible clinicians. One in particular makes all of his patients a 1-2 month follow up for every patient regardless of complexity. I.e. a high schooler or young adult without chronic disease needed to come back several times a year for no reason other than a "check up". Monetary success equates to being a good business person, not necessarily a good clinician. I don't doubt that you're a good clinician, but your argument is flawed.
  9. by   Mark Hill BSN
    LOL, as if what school one attends will make or not make a competent clinician...That is the flawed argument.
  10. by   elkpark
    We're still here.
  11. by   mushyrn
    I mean, that's great for you, but as said before, the amount of money you make doesn't show how good of a clinician you are. These online, for profit schools are degrading to the profession, as they would be to any profession. I wish people would stop joining them.
  12. by   Dranger
    Quote from Mark Hill BSN
    LOL, as if what school one attends will make or not make a competent clinician...That is the flawed argument.
    I happy that you are successful but as others have said, for-profit online school do not help the profession. Most other providers I work with are still baffled by the online component alone.
  13. by   juan de la cruz
    I still stand by my opinion that for-profit institutions offering NP programs operate unethically with their predatory marketing and admission tactics and shortchange students by not taking responsibility in providing a complete education by making students work on finding their own clinical placement despite charging for full tuition. I have never said in any of my previous posts that graduates of such programs will never get a job nor make top NP salaries.
  14. by   MrsPacman81
    Wow, you just made me a believer. A nurse friend of mine got her MSN ( I believe) from them and I was concerned that places wouldn't accept her degree. she was already working anyway so I never inquired anymore about if her job would accept it or not. You hear so many horror stories about online degrees. I am glad that you proved people wrong. Congrats!