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Hello all! Was wondering if anyone was thinking about/has applied for TWU's NP program starting Spring 2019? If so, which campus and which specialty did you apply to? Also, if anyone has been... Read More

  1. by   hrpdaaboul
    Just got accepted several days ago to Denton campus! So excited!
  2. by   NLCstudent26
    Hey all... I applied to TWU WHNP Spring 2019.. This is the closest forum I could find.. My status on web advisor just changed from awaiting to department review to accepted. Not sure if this means Accepted Accepted or just they accepted my application. Lol! The deadline for applying isn't even until Sept 15th. Does anyone know what your status says when you've actually been accepted to the program?
  3. by   STaylor1986
    NLCstudent26 Yes, it means you got in!!! Congratulations
  4. by   HANNA08
    Hey guys, i created a Facebook group for Twu spring Houston campus FNP. please join.

    TWU 2019 spring FNP - Houston (search this on Facebook)
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  5. by   samina426
    Me too! we should make a fb page for our group in denton!
  6. by   Mariah.C
    Hello! I just got accepted to the Dallas Campus starting Spring 2019! Anyone else going to be at Dallas?
  7. by   boomkyn
    Yes, I got accepted to Dallas and will be attending there! Orientation is November 13th, so see y'all soon!
  8. by   Ashlee1995
    Did someone make a fb page? Orientation first part of November. It's going to be here before we know it!
  9. by   samina426
    i made a fb page. look it up "TWU FNP SPRING 2019-DENTON"
  10. by   catacombsBSNRN
    someone make a page for Dallas!!! I'm not very facebook savvy otherwise I would! Can't wait to meet everyone!
  11. by   Mstas
    Can I ask how the program is set up in Houston? I am in the North Texas area and am closer to the Dallas/Denton campus, which are mostly online with a few hybrid classes. I am really interested in Acute Care NP which is only in Houston, which is about an 8hr drive for me. If it's only hybrid it's something I am willing to do. Any insight is helpful thanks.
  12. by   Dfwbsnrn
    Would you all mind posting your stats please!? Gpa, experience, etc! Thank you!!!!