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Hello all! Was wondering if anyone was thinking about/has applied for TWU's NP Program starting Spring 2019? If so, which campus and which specialty did you apply to?

Also, if anyone has been admitted to the TWU NP Program in the past few semesters, would you mind giving me a timeline as to how long after you submitted your application until you found out you were accepted? Also, any other stats like undergrad GPA, years of experience, etc. that you're willing to share in regards to your application would be appreciated!!

I look forward to hearing from you guys!

Hi! I just submitted my application for the FNP program at TWU in Houston. I have a coworker that's in the same program and she said she heard back from them in 6 weeks. Hopefully we hear something soon!

Specializes in ER, med-surg.

I started TWU's Hou FNP program in Summer 2016... Currently 11 months out from graduating in Spring 2019. It has been stressful and unorganized. Start finding preceptors for FNP 1, 2, 3 as well as preceptorship 1 & 2. GPA from undergrad was horrible (3.0ish), took the MAT and scored average. Work history wasn't extraordinary (1 year of ER, 1 year of med surg plus school nursing). I found out in mid Feb for summer acceptance. I checked online on webadvisor daily.

I can't wait to get out. I probably would have tried a different school because it is so unorganized and has been full of busy work. Try to make friends with people in the program with you when you start. After while, your class will shrink.

I am considering applying to TWU, but I haven't been able to find much info online about the program. Interesting that you found the program stressful and unorganized. You mentioned to start looking for preceptors... does that mean the school does not arrange the clinicals?

If you don't mind answering a few other questions or directing me to where I can find the answers, I would really appreciate it.

1. How long is the program? Can it be done part-time, and if so, how long is the part-time program?

2. How much of the program is online vs. on campus?

3. What is the total tuition for the program?


Heard anything yet? My webadvisor has said "awaiting department review" for weeks now and it's driving me nuts

I've been accepted! I applied 6/14 and found out I was accepted on 7/3 through web advisor. I'm sure you'll hear something soon!

YAY!! CONGRATS @josie25, BSN!!! That's awesome!!!! I don't know why I haven't heard anything. I applied to Dallas campus MAY 21st!!!! and still nothing. Also applied to Houston campus on 6/21. If I don't get in I would like to know sooner rather than later so I could start planning other options you know!!? How many years work experience do you have??

Congratulations again!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I've applied to TWU for undergrad but never went back on web advisor and it said I was accepted but never received any email so I ended up at UTH. But now I'm using my old log in and it says "accepted" for FNP?

I have never attended TWU before, but just applied for their FNP program for Spring 2019. What is WebAdvisor? Is that something I was supposed to set up?

I, too was confused and didn't know what webadvisor was. I didn't even remember I made an account but there are directions as to how to create a log in.

Service - Portal (Pioneer Portal)

If you don't mind me asking, what was y'alls GPA/ work experience like?

Thanks!!! I'm so ready for the stress of nursing school again :geek: @catacombsBSNRN have you heard anything by now? They don't take long from what I've heard. I have 4 years med-surg experience and my gpa in nursing school was 3.36.

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