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I have done a few searches, but haven't found many responses (or at least newer) re: St. Joseph's nurse practitioner program. I'm considering it because it seems flexible, reasonable, and like a good... Read More

  1. by   canchaser
    2 to 2.5 years full time but u can make it go as fast or slow as u want.
  2. by   Jenn42H
    Quote from karrie8o3
    Does anyone know how long the FNP program is usually? Thanks in advance!
    Also depends on if you find preceptors in order to move through the clinical courses.
  3. by   nurseheeler

    Reading your blogs you sound like you are almost there! Hang in there!! I just got accepted and starting with patho.... I have a MSN in Nursing Education and looking to become more marketable.... as us all are... lol

    I do have a questions... what are your thoughts about the program and the fact that they are not accredited yet according to St Joseph's Nursing Handbook, pg 8. Does that concern you???

    Nurse heeler
  4. by   Carol RN
    Actually I transferred to Georgetown last semester for advanced sciences. I took Pharmo, Patho, and Assessment (I felt I needed a more didactic experience for those courses) I intended to finish with Georgetown, but their latest schedule is not offering my classes at times when I can take them (unless I quit my job!) If nothing comes available in Georgetown's course offering, I may be going back to St Joes to finish up clinicals!!! I'm not worried about the pending accreditation, its a new course, its the same with Georgetown. Times they are a'changing with online degree programs!
  5. by   usnwbama
    Those of you who have finished the program, how long did it take you? I saw the post saying it could take 2 years, but considering it is self directed I wanted to get an idea of how fast it can actually be completed (sooner than 2?).
    Please share your experiences. I having been doing much research on online NP schools and this one is currently in the lead. Thanks!
  6. by   shannonFNP
    I started the Program in July and at the rate that I'm going now (I've picked up the pace a bit since dropping work hours) I should finish anywhere from April to May 2013, so that is a bit earlier than 2 years. The one thing about SCJME is you have to ballpark when you'll finish. The classes are up to you to finish at your own pace... I've taken some of them slow due to moving and vacations, and others the last one I finished in 6 weeks. You have to consider the time it takes to get preceptors lined up.

    If you do it, I wouldn't rush anything but the core classes just to finish early. It's exciting to think about finishing sooner, but you're also talking about your education as well.

    I'm considering taking a few workshops this summer. I originally was going to do the SCJME workshop on skills, but I found another that is 3 days long in Pittsburg and seems more detailed. Another workshop I was considering is assessment skills, just because I like to have hands on. I may take the hybrid course at SCJME for health assessment if they can promise hands on practicing.
  7. by   dxbtocvg
    I have been following all the SJ posts for a while now as I wrap up my BSN (hopefully in May), and be eligible for the July review. I understand that some of the poster here have been in the program for almost an year...what has yr experience been and what is their current accreditation status ?
    With some posters ready to graduate this year does this mean they now become accredited?

    I was wondering what is the requirement for/deal with workshops and what are the hybrid courses at SCJME?
    And who is a good person to correspond with at SJ...the person I communicate with is sporadic at times in his replies, is there anyone else? Would appreciate a PM if anyone has a name of person and an email to be in touch with..

    Please guide and advise...getting nervous about it all as the time draws near ...
  8. by   shannonFNP
    In regards to those concerned with the accreditation status, here is clarification:

    Hi Shannon; The MSN is an accredited program. The addition of the FNP track in the MSN program does not change that. Any time a change/addition to a program has been made as in the creation of the FNP track, the track itself has to be reviewed by CCNE for accrediting purposes. The Department of Nursing Education for SJC has worked closely with CCNE during the inception of this addition to the MSN program. The final step is a formality which includes a review of the FNP track once the program graduates its first class in December 2012.

    ​In other words, the program is accredited. You can see that on the CCNE website as well if you do a search. When changes are made to programs, it just triggers another review.
  9. by   NotMyName
    Saint Joseph's advertises the MSN program as being accelerated and self-paced. However, this can be misleading.
    • You can only turn in one assignment at a time for each class and must wait for that assignment to be graded and returned before turning in the next assignment may be submitted. This may take anywhere from a few minutes to several weeks. I have waited over a month for an assignment to be graded!!
    • Clinicals only begin when a cohort of six students has been established. This DOES NOT HAPPEN EVERY MONTH as you may have been told!! Only one cohort has started clinicals so far this year!! It may be June before the next group goes. You may complete your course work and be ready to begin clinicals only to sit for 6 months .... waiting.. waiting... waiting... for the call. Of course, you have already contracted with a clinical site. This makes the college and the student look very unprofessional. Clinical sites reserve time for students and sometimes that time runs out waiting. It is unlikely they will continue to hold your site.
    The program will take AT LEAST 2 years to complete....maybe 3!! It is in NO WAY accelerated. In addition, MSN programs will generally transfer no more than 9 credits so if you get in too deep, you are truly stuck.
  10. by   canchaser
    Not my name is correct! I am going into NP 604, I am hoping a co hort will be ready in June. And I'mVERY concerned about trying to get clinicals lined up ready to go and then find out no cohort is ready. It does make us look really dumb( school and student both). So I'm not sure what the safest process is.. Get clinicals lined up with preceptor first or get a cohort then line up clinicals.. Not my name what are you doing about this?
  11. by   NotMyName
    Canchaser, I have a clinical site which has waited for two months but is now looking at allowing another NP student to start clinicals and there is only room for one student. While the school is trying to get their ducks in a row, I am watching my clinical sites disappear. I am very nervous! You HAVE to have a clinical site and preceptor paperwork complete before they will consider you for a cohort. I have made many telephone calls, sent several emails, and have written letters. No results. I am presently searching for other, more established FNP programs...just in case. There are some FNP programs which could be completed in one year from reputable, well-established colleges. It will take me a year just to complete the clinical portion of the FNP program with St. Jo's...if I ever get started!
  12. by   canchaser
    NOt my name.
    I've been cleared for phase 2 and can set up clinical sites. Maybe ill be in clincal with you.
  13. by   NotMyName
    Perhaps there will be enough students to begin a cohort in May... not enough for April. I think there are 3 other students prepared. I will keep my fingers crossed!