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  1. Hi everyone. I got accepted into Regis College's online FNP for Summer 2017. Will start May 1st! Anybody who has attended Regis on campus or is currently attending their online NP? I know this is probably their second year to offer the online however I want to know how were your experience with them. Thanks!
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    i am finishing my second class at Regis, via online. I am doing the Pediatric NP program, and so far I do not have any complaints. The professors seem to actually want to help you so you can succeed in the class, and they communicate with them class frequently throughout the week with tips and updates. They have weekly skype sessions for students to talk and ask questions. The Director of the program also holds weekly skype sessions to speak with her as well. The first class I took in January was nursing theory, it wasn't hard at all, just lots of research and busy work. The only thing I did not care for was all of the group projects that was required. It was totally doable working 72hrs/2weeks. I am almost done with the second class, currently on week 7. I actually like this class, it is for leadership. Not a lot of busy work, just posts and 2 papers.... 10-12 pages long. This coming May I will be doing 2 16 week courses, I can't remember what they are at the present time, but one class has already stated to have a topic in mind since a 20 page paper will be due at the end of the quarter. This is all that I can remember at the current time, please feel free to inbox me or reply to this, if you have any questions.
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    Hello Kaligirl02 that is so good to know that you like their program! I got accepted to the FNP program and is super nervous and excited. That's great to know that they have full support to the students and are approachable. Makes me feel less stressed. 😊 I cannot inbox you as I don't have enough posts but I can email you. Thanks!
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    Where are you located?
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    Sounds great! I'll inbox you my email address.
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    Hi, I know this is an old thread. I was searching for others who have experience with Regis college's online program as it is fairly new. I am glad to read that you are having a good experience. I am applying to their Post MSN Psychiatric NP program. I have started another Post MSN Psych NP program but the traveling is getting to be much with having to work and I think online would work better for me. How has school continued to go for you at Regis?
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    Dear Purpletzz,
    I was wondering what your experience with the online fnp has been like thus far. Do they offer any assistance with clinical preceptors if you're not from the area?
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    ive just been accepted into the online FNP for spring 2018. hoping to hear how its going for you.
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    How long does this FNP program take to complete? Thank you
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    I am completing my application for the Women's Health program. I hope to start Summer 2018. I am very encouraged to hear positive remarks about the online NP programs. Can anyone comment on the caliber of their clinical didactic classes? i.e. pharmacology, adv pathophysiology? Thanks
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    I had to post a review here to save people some headache. I am in the 4th semester of the online FNP program at Regis, and I have to say that I am upset that I chose this school. They say the program is designed for people who work full-time, and for the first 2-3 semesters I would agree, but every semester the weekly busy work becomes more overwhelming. The course designers don't communicate with the professors, so the professors sometimes seem lost as to what is expected of the students. The technical aspects of the online "classroom" often fail (links don't work; you're expected to reply to peer discussions but there's no way to post a response; the same question shows up multiple times on a test and often with different "correct" responses; the test questions are often keyed wrong so that when you put in a correct response it is marked incorrect). Some of the professors are nice, most are ok, but a few have been downright rude when responding to student questions. Most classes don't have a recorded lecture, while the pharmacology class I'm taking now does have links to recorded lectures...recorded by Professor Fink from another school in Los Angeles. You can look him up on youtube and listen to his lectures tuition-free.
    As soon as I click on "post comment" here, I'm going to look for other programs that I might be able to transfer to, instead of working on the 2 papers, the voice-recorded powerpoint presentation, the weekly assigned journal entry, the weekly discussion board entry with scholarly journal references, the 3 weekly required discussion board responses with scholarly journal references, or the other assignments that I can't think of at the moment.........all for the Elective course I am in this semester (i.e. not including anything to do with advanced pharmacology). If you don't work more than half-time, you aren't all that involved in your kids' lives, and you like the challenge of unnecessary frustrations, choose Regis.
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    Can I email you and get more information on Regis? Are you still having a good experience? I'm starting to consider applying for a different school because the negative reviews are freaking me out a bit.

    Thanks, Jennifer