New FNP Online Program - Bradley

  1. So different than what I imagined grad school to be This is a brand new program, first FNP program that Bradley has done ever and they chose to do it online. The are outsourcing the program to a company based in Arizona so you deal with third party folks who are not very knowledgeable. Lots of beta testing. Do most schools do this?
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  3. by   synaptic
    You know colleges are in it for the money when they start outsourcing the education. Brace yourselves. The glut of nps are coming
  4. by   traumaRUs
    I practice in Peoria, IL and can assure you that Bradley has an excellent reputation.
  5. by   chatrsx
    Yes that's why I joined the program, the problem is that most of my interaction is with the third party company - basically a lot of marketing professionals.
  6. by   chatrsx
    I would advise all prospective students to ask to speak to an existing student about the technical platform, lecture vs Powerpoints, instructor response time, schedule etc and get a live demo of the software. If not, buyer beware! Even if the reputation of the school is good, they outsource it to companies that are for-profit and that are staffed by folks whose job is meeting the enrollment quota. Once you enroll, not many winning options if you are in a difficult environment.
  7. by   cherub_myrrh
    I've talked with an admissions officer. Since I completed my BSN and masters in nursing from another country, they are trying to determine if I can go directly to the post-masters FNP certificate program. I'll post more info if I become admitted. I am applying at two different programs: Bradley and Olivet Nazarene. If I can't get into both, my backup is Chamberlain. (All IL schools).
  8. by   applesxoranges
    How do you outsource a program? Like is it some pre-made program like how some schools use the ATI testing or the HESI tests?
  9. by   ttaylor737
    Hello I am thinking of applying to this program. How do you like it so far?
  10. by   moni
    The Bradley FNP program is currently not accredited, and this is the first class so lots of growing pains.
  11. by   moni
    There's a company called Pearson that provides the marketing, software and support personnel for these programs, for a pretty hefty fee. A lot of your contact is with this company, and they are not the most responsive or proactive people in the world.
  12. by   JenMacBSN
    I realize this was posted in August, but according to my advisor and, they are accredited. I will however look into this outsourcing.
  13. by   oncpalnurse
    Hi chatrsx, have things improved since your last post? I've been looking at Bradley's online nursing programs and would really appreciate more of your feedback. Since it's such a new program it's difficult to find enrolled students. Thanks!
  14. by   JenMacBSN
    I really appreciate your post. Would you please explain more about your experiences with Bradley? I'm scheduled to start in Jan so it's not too late to back out if I need to. Thanks so much!