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synaptic has 5 years experience.

I eat babies and fart lava. SoCarolina now baby male, previous IT developer, went back to nursing. I still build websites on the side for more dollars though.

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  1. synaptic

    To the APRN Curriculum Critics

    I glanced through the posts. Good responses esp by psych guy. Will respond more later when I'm not at work but..... Clinical training is supposed to be a filter to make sure people are at least minimally able to perform medical duties. Most np schools do not do this. Yeah some people study more than they to be good at their work. But many don't and np school does not filter those out. We also also don't need to separate ourselves from medicine. That is what weakens us. Avoiding science is a bad habit
  2. synaptic

    Nps in the er

    Intubate I mean lol
  3. synaptic

    Nps in the er

    Intimate and suture. Not credded for tubes tho. I work in main er
  4. synaptic

    Recommended Text: Not just Exam Prep Reviews

    robin and cohans pathology is probably the one stop shop for diseases if your looking for a one hit wonder, follow it up with the current medical dx and a physical exam book and youll have more knowledge than most practitioners out there. I try to stay away from books written by nps, they almost always are inferior to actual medical texts.
  5. I didn't know people actually failed the nclex. I thought all of the fails where from people like, not showing up, or falling asleep while clicking random buttons thus running out of time and failing.
  6. synaptic

    Most marketable?

    I've heard your job prospects are pretty good after working in a pain clinic for a while.
  7. synaptic

    Policy Differences Between AANP and ANCC?

    First sentence sums it up, they want our money so they can go buy bigger purses, more shoes, and faster cars.
  8. synaptic

    Why preceptors don't precept

    well, yeah i suppose it can be difficult to make that transition. I mean going from a nurse to a nurse practitioner your moving from a position where you simply follow protocols, pass out meds, start IVs, and clean people. The only real decisions that need to be made is pretty much when to call the doctor. Then your thrown into a position that actually requires independent judgement and stuff.
  9. synaptic

    Please help me make this life-changing decision

    trust us, do medical school. its a lot harder than this nursing stuff, but thats why it pays more. All you have to do to get a doctorate in nursing is write papers and pass easy tests written by literature hungry nurses. Medical school is real science. Nursing school stuff is so easy a caveman could do it, hence why there are a billion nurse practitioners and DNPs getting pumped out every year.
  10. synaptic

    Patient f/u frustration

    don't worry about it just chart thoroughly. its their problem. don't get emotionally involved with patients. That is weaksaucemedicine
  11. synaptic

    Chamberlain's DNP

    its awful, its an online for profit
  12. synaptic

    Please help me make this life-changing decision

    Im not quite sure I understand all of your first post, since we are able to bill all insurance companies and stuff, and i don't understand the drug testing part either. But it seems that you know the DNP is pretty much worthless, which means your ahead of most people on this forum. There is no logical reason to go back and get your DNP, its just to make colleges money. I guess if your hard set on being called doctor you can but that isn't a reason to get a degree, just to be called doctor. Soon will be the time with doctorate prepared nurses wiping tail at the bedside 80000 in debt.
  13. synaptic

    Please help me make this life-changing decision

    just go to medical school, its worth it in the end. Otherwise youll either end up wiping tail for the rest of your life, or if you get your masters, (by the time your done) the job market will be so saturated with white coat wearing practitioners youll make like two bucks an hour
  14. synaptic

    Who's at fault here?

    your all dumb, go back to grade school.
  15. synaptic

    How accurate is the ATI Exit exam

    ATI is just some scumbag company with its hands in your colleges pockets. Ours required it too. The lecturer back in the day talked like she was deepthroating a gopher and had no idea what she was talking about.
  16. synaptic


    Ive heard women's studies is pretty easy. No science required. Tons of jobs too. At mcdonalds