Need help deciding on an FNP school- feedback wanted!

  1. Hi! I figured this would be a good place to ask about FNP schools. I recently graduated with my RN-BSN at Ohio University with one year of RN experince in med/surge/ LTC, a 3.2 GPA and was accepted into Chamberlain and Spring Arbor University Online. I really like Ohio Univeristy's BSN program and prefer to continue with them, but there's no guarantee that I'll be accepted. Also, OU starts Spring 2019 and Chamberlain and Spring Arbor start June and July 2018. I'm looking for experiences with any of these schools, the value of education, pass rate, and likelihood of finding a good job with each. In a nutshell, what would you do? I don't want to waste money on education if the degree is not valued among employers and I will like to know more about each. Thanks!
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  4. by   terfernay
    Maybe don't go to Chamberlain. I've seen some job postings that specifically say they won't hire NPs who have graduated from for-profit schools. If you have an option to go to a non-profit school that would probably be ideal.
  5. by   djmatte
    Spring Arbor is a brick and it has that in its favor (just rode the motorcycle past it this weekend). Though I believe their FNP program is new-er. So something to consider.
  6. by   BostonFNP
    Ask local NPs and local employers what the hiring practices are by you, this is the best way to ensure you get value from your education investment.
  7. by   Terryb1985
    Yes! I looked it up for more info and it seems to have good rankings. Here is one list where's it's #3. 3 Best Online Master’s in Nursing (Nurse Practitioner) Degree Programs 217 - The Best Master's Degrees
    I "somewhat" trust this because I'm familiar with Otterbein being #1 but I am open to feedback on each option!
  8. by   BCgradnurse
    I echo what the others have said. Also find out if they find your clinical preceptors for you. I've seen too many posts from students who cannot find preceptors, or did not realize how challenging it can be to find quality preceptors.
  9. by   Terryb1985
    All the schools listed require us to find our own preceptors, to my knowledge. I think that is standard.
  10. by   lwsoccjs
    Quote from Terryb1985
    All the schools listed require us to find our own preceptors, to my knowledge. I think that is standard.

    Yikes, I'd run far and fast from any school wanting to charge me for school and then expect me to find my own preceptors. Finding quality preceptors, getting the paperwork figured out, having the school sign off on them etc all takes time. This is time you should be studying. Why would you want to pay someone for doing their work?
  11. by   Rathyen
    I have never seen an ad that said they wouldn't hire an FNP from a for profit school. I graduated from a for profit school, and had a job offer before I even took my exam. The exam I took 10 days after graduating, and passed. I believe it is more in how you sell yourself. Yes i had to find my own preceptors, but I can list three brick and mortar schools that require the same thing.
  12. by   Terryb1985
    I agree. However, that's just the way schools are nowadays. I haven't come across one that isn't. Plus, with my lifestyle I need online classes and all online or mostly online programs are like this.
  13. by   terfernay

    Here's a thread about some employers choosing to crack down on not hiring from certain schools. I'm not saying all employers are choosing to do this but simply stating that some are. In the end go to whichever schools works best for you and like the previous poster said it's more about your experience, clinical sites, and how you market yourself.
  14. by   Rocknurse
    Quote from Terryb1985
    All the schools listed require us to find our own preceptors, to my knowledge. I think that is standard.
    My school does not require us to find our own preceptors. I've never had to worry a single day about getting a preceptor as it's all arranged for me. There are schools out there that do this, and the more people stop going to schools that make you find your own, the less they'll feel inclined to do it.
  15. by   djmatte
    My school (frontier) we found our own. But they had a solid staff that assisted with arranging and paperwork as well as maintained a database of all current and former contracted preceptors to make the search easier. This is absolutely the standard in many np schools. Even university of Michigan requires (last I checked) you to find your own preceptor.

    What I would consider in my choice is the quality of clinicals your school requires. At frontier, beside a minimum hours, they had hard requirements for our experience. We needed a minimum of 50 paps, peds needed at least 50 well child and episodic each broken up by the difference age groups, adults episodic/chronic were much higher (300 each if memory serves). Don't meet this, you keep going no matter where your hours are. So while finding my preceptor wasn't a walk in the park and also required me to get licensed in a second state and travel up to 3 hours for one site, I don't feel this is reflective on the schools quality. If anything it exemplifies the high standards my school pushed to maintain.