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lwsoccjs has 5 years experience and specializes in Neurology, Psychology, Family medicine.

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  1. lwsoccjs

    USF FNP fall 18

    USF assigns your preceptors
  2. lwsoccjs

    Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    Exactly, I've said it before and I stand by it now and will say it again. If you are not a strong asset to your company with good experience, your job and your salary are in trouble as an NP. I also project from all the research I've done, looking at projections, and using anecdotal evidence from others looking at their hiring difficulties, that if you do not have experience as an NP in the next 5 years you will be un-hirable. There is going to be so many excess NP's well over demand that a new graduate will have extreme difficulty. The last projections predicted well over 40k surplus of NP vs projected demands with no state being having a deficit by 2025. This by no means surprises me. I would also venture to say that this projection actually under projects the surplus from their inclusion that only a net growth of 53k primary NP's will be produced in over ten years. Last I looked AANP had 26,000 new NP's graduate this last year. At 60% being primary that equates around 15k new NP's. We obviously are going to continue to produce a net much larger than 53k in which the survey originally predicted. Yikes, the future looks fun.
  3. lwsoccjs

    Future of Nurse Practitioners

    I think a great question for you OP is what are your expectations from the profession. Name some end goals, expectations, etc and we can give much better insight. But one persons "grim" is another persons perfect situation.
  4. lwsoccjs

    In Your Opinion....

    State school that finds preceptor for the students that are in the area of the school. School thats have a diagnostic course. Schools that have other associated healthcare programs such as DPT, Pharm-D, MD etc. School that faculty have available CV's to look over and evaluate. Schools that accept high quality students. Schools that have a cap on the amount enrolled reasonable to the staff available.
  5. lwsoccjs

    FNP boards pass rate by school

    To my knowledge there is no authoritative body that tracks pass rates categorized by school. All you can do is call up and ask the school on an individual basis and hope they are willing to tell you. But, to answer your question no there is nothing similar to the "nclex" tracking for FNP pass rates.
  6. lwsoccjs

    FNP Oversaturation

    Agreed. I'll also leave this link https://www.aanp.org/images/documents/about-nps/npfacts2013.pdf But for reference at that time they graduated 14,000 new NPs at 49% family. Now it's 23,000 at 61%. But people will tell me that saturation isn't going to be a problem?
  7. lwsoccjs

    FNP Oversaturation

    Yes here are the highlights: An excess of 42,000 primary care NPs in 2025. projected deficit of 23,640 FTE primary care physicians nationally by 2025. increase in primary care PA supply is expected to exceed the increase in demand, resulting in a national surplus of 19,710 FTE primary care PAs by 2025. So anyone that tells me there is or will be a shortage is laughable at this time. The playing environment will be totally different in a few years time. My guess is by 2025 if you aren't already an NP with experience you won't be hirable.
  8. lwsoccjs

    Judment call on pre-req AP

    I'll jump in. While I am in a FNP program I did have a great interest in the Psych tract and worked some in an inpatient behavioral health unit. I would say for PMHNP, anatomy and physiology concerning the neurophysiology is of the up most importance. PMHNP does not focus much on the therapy as much as it does with dx and medication management. To truly understand the medication management the in depth knowledge of A&P I would put as high importance for the job. Just my two cents.
  9. Shame that needs to be consistently said over and over but its true FPNP. Weather she graduates from a PA or NP school maybe she will have a little more respect for the title at that point. Now to your point. I go to a brick and mortar school in FL but it is like so many others being hybrid. I think at the end of the day you need to ask yourself. Do you really have the discipline to self study. I feel many that complain that online isn't your thing lack this ability. PA is going to cater more to forcing you to be in front of a teacher. But also its a full time gig and MOST people do not work in PA school. In NP school SO MANY do. I personally do not work. I also guarantee I am able to put in more hours then someone that does work. So either way think of it as an investment and the time spent should be equal. Many peoples down fall in my opinion is that they see NP as a graduate education they can work at the same time which just is not true in relation to all our other graduate healthcare equals like PA, Pharm, MD, DPT and many others. Hopefully that made sense.
  10. lwsoccjs

    AANP Certfication Exam ( I failed it)

    "Part of me feels like I learned more in the 6 weeks of studying than in the two years of school" What a scary thing to think about and even worse to see written down. As a graduated NP you should be ashamed of yourself and the school you went to if this is your true feelings. Wow. 6 weeks is all it takes huh.
  11. Pick the state school. Plain and simple. 4/4 private online programs? Hmm.
  12. lwsoccjs

    Nurse Practitioner Courses

    Interesting question from a person as their first post. I have my popcorn ready.
  13. lwsoccjs

    Good online NP school for a non nursing bachelors degree

    I am hoping its just the individual not being informed. I would hate the thought of it being arrogance with speaking false truths.
  14. lwsoccjs

    Test is coming up very soon! So scared!

    Gerontology which is taught in Adult NP and Family would teach you D) Presbycusis= starts over 50 ; B) Presbyopia= over 40, A excessive body aches means nothing relative to age more to do with lifestyle, and C) muscle wasting is false, its actual adipose tissue you lose. NP school should instill this knowledge into you.
  15. lwsoccjs

    Good online NP school for a non nursing bachelors degree

    In florida ARNP can practice on their own? I am just going to assume you have no idea what you are talking about. I will fill you in so hopefully you can be enlightened. 1st Florida is one of the worst states to work in as an NP. They are of the top most restricted states in the country. You will always need a collaborative argument with an MD to practice. 2nd Florida passed their control law either last or second to last in the nation as an example of its strictness. PA and NP practice in florida specifically is pretty much identical. Please get your facts correct.
  16. lwsoccjs

    ANCC Passed

    Good job :).

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