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I am almost done with my first semester of nursing. I'm going for my ADN. It has been going well and I love the learning. My biggest problem right now is not getting so discouraged from all of the nurses at the hospital I work at. They are all telling me to "get out now while I can" and "Why do you want to do that to yourself." I try to keep a positive outlook but it is so hard when you hear so many negative things....although I do hear some positive. Is there anyone out there who has anything GOOD to say about their nursing career? I've wanted to be a nurse "forever" and I'm now 32 with a 4-yr old son going back to school to fulfill my oldest dream. But people are really so negative out there....I just need something to help me get thru this and not give up.

Thanks all you nurses out there!!!!

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No matter what job you do, you will have negative people expressing thier negative energies. But only in nursing can the rewards be as sweet as making the critical difference in someone's life. No matter what the pay or the nurse:patient ratio, I will never regret becoming a nurse. It is not a job to me but a way of life.


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There are always people who are stuck in negativity...the ones who stand around complaining about how they can't get their work done when they could be using their complaining time to actually do their work...the ones who scare nursing students out of the profession, and then wonder why they're short-staffed...There are always people who WANT to be the victim, and lay the blame on someone else. Ignore them and do what you want to do! We need YOU more than we need them!

Nursing really does give you the chance to make a difference in people's lives. If you're politically active, you can make a difference in Nursing as a whole. It offers great flexibility in terms of location, schedule, and areas of specialty and/or interest, and, although you probably won't get rich, it pays far better than lots of other jobs.

Yes, Nursing today is in flux, and there are things that need to be improved, but that's true of any other industry. The key is to stay focused on opportunities for improvement and take action, rather than wallow in self pity and bring everyone else down!

I work in a nursing home currantly and get the same negative feedback. The entire staff is very clicky. It sounds like you're getting the same cold shoulders as I did when I first started out. You need to through it back into their faces by putting a hop in your step, being right there when one of them needs help, and love your job. You will be so cheery and helpful, they won't be able to help but enjoy you. It's really hard at first. It's almost like they are testing you. Show them you are capable of the job, and then some! Don't doubt yourself, ever. Good Luck.

Stay in nursing if that is what you think you want to do, I have friends that are jealous because I make an livable income and love what I do.

I hear the same negative stuff from disgruntled co-workers

On good days I am excited about what wonderful things were achieved while I was working. On bad days I am just being paid to to be up to my elbows in human excrement. That is nursing, I love it and it is never really boring.

I went into nursing after a bad marriage or should I say during the last few years of decline.

I have had more rewarding experiences than I can count after almost 8 years as a nurse. I have worked Med/surg, ICU, CCU then on to flight nursing for 3 years then when that became less of a challenge I traveled for a year and learned a lot in a Level I trauma center then went to a Cardiac Unit and now I am back to the ICU I worked in as a transport/flight nurse. I look for challenges and I take some chances, not everyone has those options. Dont be discouraged by others that are not able or willing to explore the many interesting areas of nursing.

Nursing can be very exciting or very boring ...just try to get the most out of it for YOU and always be your patients advocate.

Good Luck and have fun


I am 36 years old and also became a nurse later in life (4 years ago) while raising my 3 boys. It was extremely difficult during those long school semesters. But I knew I had to endure the rough years to be able to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a nurse. I have not regretted for one minute the sacrifices we as a family had and have to make for me to become a nurse. I work in an ER and love it, even through the bad times. Although the comments that others hear about are the complaints, there are many more compliments from patients and families. Those are the comments that I remember and that help ME remember why I wanted to be in this line of work. I try to let the negative stuff go in one ear and out the other, and let the smiling faces and words of gratitude fill my mind and heart forever. Stick with your studies and don't look back....If you go into nursing for the right reasons, you won't regret it!!!

I am convinced that older nurses eat their young in the pursuit of excellence many of the so called caring proffessionals forget that they were once students too. Nursiing is a very rewarding career. Some people choose to have that same negative outlook they have in all parts of their life. Yes we are short staffed and the work load is horrendous. I hang on to the preciuos moments when I've helped a patient turn the corner and have a second chance at life. don't let them consume you for dinner! Best of luck! Deb. wink.gif

Dear Amystudent: As other replies have stated, there most definitely will be the negative nurses who will be bitter towards students and their "go-getter" personalities. When I was a student I was blessed with many wonderful, experienced nurses who took me under their wing during clinical time. I can truly say that my experiences were positive for the most part. Our unit has students performing their clinicals (we are an IMCU/Telemetry unit) and I see many of the nurses ignore them for the most part. This is rude and unprofessional. These students are an adjunct to patient care and are trying to learn as we once did, way back when. When I see a student looking aimlessly around for someome to ask assistance from, I catch their attention and ask what's needed. A simple gesture that just takes MOMENTS! I was honored when the whole clinical group hoped that when they graduated, that they would work with nurses just like myself! That was one of the nicest things someone has ever said to me and my hectic day went a lot better for that comment. You will always run into the negativists, but you have to filter out the positive and discard the rest. Keep your focus on your goal and you won't be swayed by their pessimism(sp).

FIRST! Nursing is one of the greatest (if not one of the oldest) professions in the world.

Yes, some grad's do eat their young and that's unfortunate. For those people you have to understand they've found a dead end in their career with no foresight to see beyond.

Yes, the work conditions are harsh in many areas (as some will no doubt reply), but I've noticed people with that excuse don't raise their voice too loud in protest.

Nursing is a career in which you can work in almost any field (take a look at the job posting categories). In nursing you can make your career, not the other way around.

Take heart, for when you graduate and begin working, you'll help people make major changes in their life too. For those RN's who are negative to you or in general, simply see that they are not the rolemodel you want and move on.

There are nurses out there who will help you see why you wanted to be an RN. Learn from us and take heart, we're out there!

To all the students and new grads, PLEASE do not let the negative comments heard by burnt out nurses scare you away. Nursing is going thry alot of exciting changes and we can make it better. Yes nursing is difficult and demanding but it is also rewarding. I would be completely lost if it would not be for my career.

I just graduated in May of 1999 with an ADN. I am 40, female, and retired from the Air Force. I work on a very busy, and understaffed Med/surg, oncology floor (41 beds.) It can get crazy, and because so much of health care is controlled by money, it can be frustrating at times. Your committment to nursing is inside you. YOU make YOUR nursing experience. Read the article in the latest issure of Nurse-zine at It says it all. Good Luck in school, study hard!

Stick with it!!! I also went into nursing in my 30's and questioned the sanity of this decision several times during nursing school. Now that I am working I absolutely love it. Yes it is difficult, you must clean up poop and deal with extreme sadness when a favorite pt passess away, but don't let those nurses get you down. Nursing is the most rewarding thing I've done. During your clinical rotations, find out which RN's are supportive of students, go to them for help, and thank them for their assistance and patience. They will appreciate it. Ignore the ones who tell you to get out. They are burned out and probably need to get out themselves but cannot.

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