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  1. Erbn Girl

    Question about Vicki Melazzo 40 hr at home course

    lovemy3kids! I am in the 2nd module of the core course and I took the VIP course for several reasons (the home study, the seminar and the unlimited mentoring). This is very comprehensive and I truly believe that just doing the 6 day seminar would be sufficient but I feel as one of the other posts-I dont want to be scrambling with notes at the seminar and for me personally, reading etc first and then going to the seminar is best for me. This is money very well spent. Yes you can take the exam as many times as you need to pass and will have to pay a sitting fee like previously stated, each time after your initial inability to pass. I came upon this course after trying to figure where my next career move was going to take me. I lost my drivers license due to visual deterioration and the docs are setting me up with some other visual aids that would let me pass my drivers vision test again. I couldnt do clinical nursing safely, as a corrections nurse, and this was right up my alley! You will simply love it! Good luck, Erbn Girl:wink2: :specs: :wink2:
  2. Erbn Girl

    Scared nursing student

    Dear Rebecca! If you were not anxious, I think you would be in the minority of nursing students! I started nursing at a later age (36 years old) and was anxious most of the time through school. There is a lot to learn, concepts to comprehend and hands-on training to obtain and what we usually fear the most is...the unknown. This is a new career for you and with the support you have at home as well as new students just like yourself, you will prosper into an excellent nurse if you keep your goals and dreams always in your thoughts. Nursing is definitely NOT all textbook data and much of what you will learn will not be in a book. This comes with experience, period. As far as NOT looking at the bulletin boards, I disagree. Many students like yourself are also experiencing the same type of "jitters" and may feel comforted to know there is another fellow student in the same predicament. Keep your chin up Rebecca because although your career will deal you many a blow sometimes, how you feel in your heart about nursing almost always overpowers.
  3. Erbn Girl

    Interpreting electrocardiographs

    Dear Jelly! That web page that you suggested is great!! I looked through it this morning and it is comprehensive but not stifling. And yes, it is a fantastic introduction!
  4. Erbn Girl

    getting started in w/ nursing career

    Great for you! You must be very determined to work full-time as well as go to school full-time and I commend you! Always try to make time for yourself and family because without those two important things...well.....About the loans-look on www.fastweb.com and take the time to fill in the application online. It will explain everything you need to do to see what type of loans are available. It takes about 20 minutes and will give you a full list of any loans you may be eligible for and who to contact about them! At the last time I looked, the service was free! It will not only give you a listing of possible avenues, but it may trigger some other ideas in your mind on who to contact yourself! Remember that your goals will not come overnight and that at the end of the road will be a great gift...you as a nurse. God bless you and your perserverence!
  5. Erbn Girl

    Why are dayshift nurses so grouchy?

    Hey Gang! I feel that no one shift is grumpier than the other but I feel that both day shift and evening shifts are the most stressful when it comes to all that was previously posted (the family, docs, tests, admissions etc!). I work the night shift currently but have also worked some days and nights and I do believe it is all of the constant whirl of activity that could make ANYONE cranky! Our night shift is mostly busy too, but there is not that large amount of personnel present (unless you have a code, etc). Although I will be doing 12hrs shifts of both days and nights on my new job, I probably will always favor the nights, but I wholeheartedly give credit to those on days and pms because they take the bruxt of the inconsiderate medical staff as well as families and ancillary staff. I think an occasional grumpy attitude can be overlooked as being overtaxed. Another thought to a previous post-maybe day shift nursing personnel get annoyed easily in that so many new personnel come in that they may have to train, and when they finally think they have someone that will be there commrade, they leave for another position??? Just a thought!!
  6. Erbn Girl

    nursing salaries

    I have to agree with the previous post. Much of it is dependent on where you reside/work. I am moving from the Chicago area to Southwest Missouri and my base pay will be $3 less an hour! But.. the cost of living is less also. It has to be taken into account, your years of being a nurse, your specialty as well as certifications etc. Many non-profit hospitals will pay less and the for-profit may pay higher as is the situation in the suburb I live in now. They are having "pay" wars between the area hospitals to attract nurses from each others' hospital. But I imagine it is pretty much the same everywhere lately...nursing shortage...they have to do something to attract us. Better nurse-to-patient ratios at my new job where I am moving is what attracted me and definitely NOT the salary! It's what makes ME happy and satisfied!
  7. Erbn Girl

    Popularity contest

    Our hospital has had a "GEM" program which is similar in nature to the employee of the month. It is for any hospital personnel that have gone above and beyond their duties as an employee. Of the personnel that I have been aquainted with, I have never seen anyone who had received the award not be worthy of it. There have been several nurses as well as respiratory therapists receive the award (the personnel I knew) and each deserved the recognition immensely! I feel that this can be a positive force but also can be taken advantage of by those who just wish to put their friends in, even though it is not deserved.
  8. Erbn Girl

    Lack of staffing on midnights

    I also work on a Telemetry/IMCU unit and the most patients I have ever gotten was 7. But...they were all stable at that time and no one had an enormous amount of IV piggybacks etc. But as you stated, it only takes one patient to go bad and it happened to an agency nurse as I was Charge having the 7 patients. Her patient coded and chaos was the norm for the remaining 7 hours! In comparison to the other area hospitals (I live in the midwest also) our unit is understaffed because we are a combo unit (tele/intermediate care-stepdown). All of the other hospitals have a 1:4 max on days and pms and 1:5 on nocs. We can go up to 7 for one nurse and the rest 6! I hardly ever get out of work on time and its draining. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, at least for me at this stage. I am moving to Missouri because my husband is retiring (I am from Indiana) and have secured a position in an ICU stepdown where the nurse atient ratio is 1:2 or 1:3 on 7a-7p (8 bed ICU stepdown) and 1:4 max on nocs (there is always 2 nurses on the unit on nights). It is primary nursing and after checking out the facility and others, it sounds a lot better than where I am now. Less pay, but cost of living is less too. All of the previous posts are what I am hearing from nurses in the midwest also. Personally, I agree with Night Owl-I love nights and the autonomy and definitely do not like someone hanging over me either!!!
  9. Erbn Girl

    Go for a nursing degree?

    All nursing programs are NOT alike and by searching, you will find one that will suit your needs as well as your study style. I was deathly afraid of microbiology and chemistry (these were mandatory for my ADN) but I struggled and made it through thinking that was the end of chemistry. Surprise! The RN-MSN-FNP program I chose to enroll in had MORE chemistry requirements plus the statistics etc. The bottom line is...YOU choose what type of program YOU want. And I wholeheartedly (sp) agree with Kathiej...you can still be a great nurse and not be proficient in all of your courses. I attended Purdue University which has several campuses in Indiana. The campus I attended required Pathophysiology for the ADN but the other campus did not! See what I mean! I chose the campus with Patho because I felt that this was an important course and I enjoy as well as feel it is necessary to understand disease processes in the course of my dealings with patients. But this may not be true for other nurses/nursing students. Don't give up what you have your heart set on. Obstacles are made to be overcome and the gratification at the end of the struggle is sweet...Pursue your goals and make every day special on the way
  10. Dear ED,RN-I too agree with the majority that nurses are grossly underpaid and overworked. I worked "sick" for 4 days because of the call-off policy..this would have given me a bad mark. (I have gotten every flu bug and bout of bronchitis in the last year that went around...no joke). You get penalized for calling off sick but the administration tells you that you are doing your patients an injustice by coming in ill! Sound a little familiar??? Maybe if we were given better staffing and pay, we could afford physically & financially afford to take better care of ourselves and hence take better care of our patients! Too simple of a concept though...they keep trying to get the last ounce of work from you for a few mere dollars. For the responsibilities that we nurses have, our base salaries should be AT LEAST double from where they currently stand. I love my husband dearly (he's a sheetmetal worker) but when he comes home and I look at his checks...HE'S NOT responsible for people's lives and he makes almost $10 an hour cash more an hour AND benefits, shoes, etc! And yes, ED,RN..my husband gets tired of listening to my complaining too. By the way, I WAS a 911 dispatcher and I most definitely got cursed at, yelled at and screamed at (not puked on though!) by citizens AND police officers, BUT sure didn't get better pay than nurses. You are also responsible for others lives, just in a different context. Instead of dealing with folks face to face, you directed them on how to save someone from bleeding to death after getting shot or do CPR after being instructed on the telephone of the procedures! I started in 1979 and worked at it for 8 years and came out making about $6.50 an hour. This was for a fair-sized city of 100,000 folks too. It is probably better now, but I would not trade my profession now for anything in the world. We just all have to keep standing up for our beliefs and fight for what we are worth...which is a lot more than I have been seeing on my paycheck lately!!
  11. Erbn Girl

    NCLEX questions

    There are some excellent review texts to purchase that will assist you in reviewing pertinent material for the boards as well as test you with exam-type questions. Although I took my boards several years ago, Lippincott had an in-depth NCLEX-RN review book that was very helpful to me. I took several weeks and just focused on reading each section and noting comments in the margins for questions or sections of material that was unclear to me. Then after I looked up the information that was unfamiliar, I would try my hand at the questions they offered. Since the texts have rationales for correct and incorrect answers (at least this one did!) it helped tremendously. Hope that this helped a little and I wish you nothing but the best! THINK POSITIVE!!!!
  12. Erbn Girl

    home health care mileage reimbursement

    When I worked as an aide for a hospice agency, we received mileage pay as well as the RN's. This was in the early 90's and it was 0.22 a mile. As far as I know this is taxable due to it being income. A friend just transferred to a hospice "home" a short time ago and mileage pay was about 0.27 per mile.
  13. Erbn Girl

    Employment options

    Dear mn nurse: Your comments about Rehab Nursing were very enlightening and heartwarming! It takes a very special person to work with Rehab patients: a lot of patience and perserverence for the nurse as well as the patient). The rewards must be priceless! Kudos
  14. Erbn Girl


    I have seen a few changes myself in the last few years. I work on an IMCU/Telemetry Unit and our aides are trained to do CAPD (peritoneal dialysis). Granted, it is not difficult BUT, I feel that is a nursing function, not for an aide. Our aides are very trusted and educated on our midnight shift but I prefer to do the CAPD myself. We also have Respiratory Therapists that do stat EKG's on nights and put on and remove 24hr Holter monitors. Seems a little out of their leagues but our hospital has been doing this for awhile now. I wouldn't feel comfortable having aides do phlebotomy. I don't want to be responsible/trained to fix our ice machine or be a security guard or mailman. I trained to be a nurse. We all have our chosen professions and certain qualifications apply. Sounds like the same old song to me...hospitals trying to save money and place more responsibility where it doesn't belong! Our hospital ALSO expects us to do diabetic teaching, (ie, diet, how to inject insulin and how to monitor blood sugar) We try our best to teach as we are checking their sugars, giving their snacks and administering their insulin or hypoglycemic agents, BUT...they want us to have separate forms to be filled out etc, etc. They have a diabetic instructor but now most of this is falling on the nurse. I always do my best to educate my patients in every way possible, but where do we draw the line? How much can our plates hold? I know I am not alone in my feelings.
  15. Erbn Girl

    Student nurse needs positive feedback

    Dear Amystudent: As other replies have stated, there most definitely will be the negative nurses who will be bitter towards students and their "go-getter" personalities. When I was a student I was blessed with many wonderful, experienced nurses who took me under their wing during clinical time. I can truly say that my experiences were positive for the most part. Our unit has students performing their clinicals (we are an IMCU/Telemetry unit) and I see many of the nurses ignore them for the most part. This is rude and unprofessional. These students are an adjunct to patient care and are trying to learn as we once did, way back when. When I see a student looking aimlessly around for someome to ask assistance from, I catch their attention and ask what's needed. A simple gesture that just takes MOMENTS! I was honored when the whole clinical group hoped that when they graduated, that they would work with nurses just like myself! That was one of the nicest things someone has ever said to me and my hectic day went a lot better for that comment. You will always run into the negativists, but you have to filter out the positive and discard the rest. Keep your focus on your goal and you won't be swayed by their pessimism(sp).
  16. Erbn Girl

    Help with back-stabbing co-worker

    If this co-worker is also a nurse, what puzzles me is to where she finds the time to "spy" on you. I do not know of many nurses in a nursing home nor hospital setting that have spare time to follow someone around and still get their duties done properly. Have you spoken with the DNS yet? Possibly you may not be the only nurse that she has been doing this to. How is her job performance, in your opinion? Is it possible she is trying to make someone else take a fall to take the attention away from her inadequate patient care? Since you have confronted her and you have also reviewed your work ethics, contacting the DNS with your concerns may need to be your next step. Many of your questions will probably be answered after you have a personal meeting. Lastly, you mentioned that you get along with everyone at the facility, but at the end you state you fear being under close scrutiny by this woman and her allies....is this matter only between you and "Tina" or are there other personnel involved also?? Just wondering....