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critical care nurse for 9 years, now checking out geriatrics as nursing supervisor in 300 bed facility

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  1. Need Assistance from the many Pet owners here :)

    I like Yorkshire terriers and West Highland White terriers for small breeds. I agree that a puppy may be a bit of work but if you are working nights and don't mind interrupting your sleep time you may be able to set a scedule for housetraining. I ha...
  2. Early burnout?

    I currently work in a hospital that is having a "financial crisis" the moral is terrible, the work is overwhelming and the administration dosent seem to care about the staff. Talks of mergers and closing of some of the facilities in this health syst...
  3. Lack of staffing on midnights

    I agree that there is a nursing shortage, the unit I work in is understaffed when it is full...there just arent enough nurses. Why are nurses leaving nursing? We dont get paid much for the work we do and hospital administration seems to treat us like...
  4. I dont feel that I was really prepared to care for patient needs with the ADN I received from a local community college. I had a background of working as an AID back when you were just oriented for a week, if you were lucky, by another aid. I also ...
  5. Why did you go into Nursing?

    mareyeka, We all became nurses for different personal reasons. The fact that we do it well and we enjoy it is what really counts. There are so many different directions we can go in as we mature and gain knowledge and experience.
  6. over 40 too late for traveling?

    Irene, 42 year old RN with now about 8 years of experience. Just finished a year of traveling and loved it. Never too old for a challenging experience. Most really good travel nurses are late 30s to early 60s from what I have seen. A bit of maturity ...
  7. What is it like to work as an RN in a nursing home?

    Nursing home nursing can be very rewarding, especially if you happen to find a really good nursing home. I started out as an aid in 1975, back when there was not certification....just a week or two of following another aid who had been there for a b...
  8. I am happy being a nurse, the job is always a challenge. I have been a nurse for 8 years, started a little later than some as I am 42 now. Hospital nursing can be a bit challenging as the politics and health care reform are always stressing someone...
  9. Student nurse needs positive feedback

    Stay in nursing if that is what you think you want to do, I have friends that are jealous because I make an livable income and love what I do. I hear the same negative stuff from disgruntled co-workers On good days I am excited about what wonderful t...
  10. Why did you go into Nursing?

    I guess I am the odd person here, I went into nursing in my late 30s. I had been a farrier then a paramedic who was in a bad marriage and needed a job with an income better than I was making . (had kids to support and I was planning to leave and tak...
  11. Tell us about your computer system

    happyangels, glad to see there is more than one computer system that is made for nurse charting
  12. Tell us about your computer system

    I work in a 26 bed med/surg/neuro ICU that is using the computer charting program called Carevue; after 8 months the program is liked by most. The problems I have seen are due to how easy this is to use. The vital signs are defaulted from the monito...
  13. Questions about nursing??????

    Fireman, I went to a community college and received an associate degree in nursing; this seems to be adequate for now, I may continue to a BSN later but am not interested in management at this time. Most hospitals have little financial compensatio...
  14. Feeling very sad today

    A nurse with a heart, please stay that way. I know it is hard on you to care but that is what nursing is really all about. {{{{{{hugs}}}}}}
  15. airambulance

    Hello, I havent seen a post from this aspect of nursing for months. I have been just as busy as the rest of you and it would be nice to share good and bad stories with everyone who does anytype of outside hospital transports. My bitches are taking f...