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I'm a student at McNeese state university in Louisiana. I am 25 currently, but when I was younger I was arrested for Marijuana possession and paraphernalia. I completed pre trial diversion and the charges have been dismissed, resulting in no convictions. After the application process, I signed a consent order delaying approval to enter clinical courses pending results from an inpatient evaluation by a board recognized facility. I completed the 3 day inpatient evaluation and the team concluded I do not have any sort of chemical addiction or dependcy. They recommend that I be monitored through nursing school. I am posting to see if anyone has been through the monitoring process in Louisiana? If so, what does it entail? I assume it is alcohol and drug screening. Are the alcohol tests for urine? Are they PEth tests? I am curious because I occasionally drink socially, but nothing too extreme. I would occasionally like to be able to drink responsibly and not lose my chance to finish nursing school by doing so. If anyone has any input, I would appreciate it!

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The one question that I can answer is that while you're being monitored and undergoing any type of random urine drug screen (UDS) you cannot drink alcohol. I even avoid things that are made with alcohol, such as sauces, and I avoid things with poppy seeds in them.

Also, unless you're told otherwise by the body who is monitoring you, don't take meds such a Benadryl, Nyquil, or any other cough and cold medication as it can result in a positive UDS. Make sure you report any prescription medications to them as well.

If you come up positive, you risk being referred to more stringent monitoring, which I'm sure you don't want! Just to be safe, besides Tylenol and Motrin, don't take anything without first clearing it with them...it'll make your life much easier in the long run.

The UDS process that we go through in my state is very sensitive, and some people's UDS results can be affected by caffeine (it makes mine dilute, which comes up suspicious to them). I try to go first thing in the morning when the lab opens before I've had anything but a few sips of water, and I try to make it the first void of the day.

I don't say these things to scare you, but to share with you my experience of what works so you'll get out fast and without problems! Congratulations on overcoming your past and going to nursing school! Best of luck to you.

The previous poster is right right right! No alcohol. First and foremost let me congratulate you on your positivity in relation to your current situation- its not easy having past mistakes come to bite us in later life- it sounds like you are handling this situation with dignity, and that is amazing! Second huge congratulations on handling this during nursing school, it is a very stressful time! Well done! Keep posting here, even though you don't have addiction issues you will no doubt need support of those that understand the stress and rigor of a monitoring program. Welcome to the site! Keep us posted

Thank you so much guys! I figured there would be no alcohol allowed and ive reviewed medications that contain alcohol so I'll do my best to avoid them. Thank you for that input! The La board of nursing is meeting on July 8 to review my consent order and to review the recommendations of the evaluation team. Hopefully I'll be cleared to progress this semester because this whole limbo thing and waiting is getting old!

Hoping the best for you. But why question is.

If the case as dismissed and charges were dropped, how did they find out?

Regardless of expungments, dismissals, etc., the board of nursing will always be able to see any sort of information regarding an arrest or summons.


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To OP - don't know if that picture or your screen name are for real, but if they are, you might want to consider changing them. No secrets on the internet are ever secret!

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Hello and welcome to the recovery forum! We live in La - my hubby and I are both RNs and both went thru our state's RNP. This was back in 99 so I don't know how much help I may be.

I know from people in the program now say u can be tested urine, blood or hair. When we were being tested it was strictly M-F. Now they say u may have to test on Sat also.

They do test for ETOH as well as drugs. Like a PP said, really anything other than Tylenol or Motrin u have to talk with your case mgr beforehand. There's a lot I've noticed lately regarding the specimens being too dilute - they take that really serious.

I know when I got into the RNP I had to see the addictionologist once after entering into my 3 year contract. Some people had to see theirs as often as every 3 months.

I know I'm leaving some things out bit I'll add them as they come to me. If u think of specifics, please let me know - I might be able to answer.

Glad to have another Louisiana resident to get to know!

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I'm not really sure what all my specifics are I just finished the evaluation a little over a week ago and they told me it takes around 14 days for the board to get their paperwork and review it. I sat down with their staff of nurses doctors and psychologists and they all agreed to just monitoring and 12 counseling sessions but no IOP or inpatient treatment or anything of that sort. I should be fine!