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Im a new grad who still can't find a job. I had interviews to just about everywhere: assisted living, nursing home, home care, and hospital new grad program. The woman for the new grad program was so excited to meet me but I had to complete a survey and send 2 recommendation letters from my professors, after doing that, I never heard from her again. I applied to homecare but they wanted me to take some classes. I took the classes and passed my exams with A's and got no call after that. I'm sick of people misleading me and wasting my time.

My question is, Can I PAY to get experience? I'm willing to go back to school and do some kind of a program and pay for it. I'm not looking to go back to nursing school- only clinicals. Is this possible? What is nurse preceptorship? Is that what I'm talking about.

Thank you

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You can probably go back and ask those people why they didn't hire you. In the mean time, you can volunteer, work in a flu clinic, just do something to maintain your skills. It will get better, I promise.

I'm in the same boat. I am working in a school with one kiddo that has a G-tube. I am lucky that I even have a job I know but the pay is crappy and on top of that I'm not getting much experience. I am interested to see ideas for other on here.

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I suggest, volunteering. I know it sucks, but call around to places and offer your services. Let them know you are a licensed RN looking to gain experience and can do whatever, vitals,shots,paperwork. Try clinics,schools,volunteer depts of hospitals. Good Luck!

I picked up a job for a home health group as an LVN. They trained me to work overnights on a kid with a vent, GButton and trach. Great hours for me and pay. I'm about to finish my RN and when I get my NCLEX done I get the standard raise at least. Try checking your home health agencies. You have skills. It's a start and many will let you warm up there then start prns in hospitals with back up. They won't leave you hanging.

UMDNJ had a program of the type you are looking for, but it is full. UMDNJ - School of Nursing |

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UMDNJ had a program of the type you are looking for, but it is full. UMDNJ - School of Nursing |

Wow, didnt know this existed. Unfortunalely, its only ofr grads within the first year.

OMG, you're paying them for that? There are nurse residencies all over the country that pay you for the same thing. Thus the competition. That's a scam if I've ever seen one.

What area do you live? Do you have an inner city area with several hospitals? I went to Detroit right after graduating and I know they are still hiring new grads... DMC with Detroit Receiving, Karmanos, Harper, Childrens; St Johns; Henry Ford. They will train you for various ICU's, ER, Med-Surg. The pay is lower but you will get a job and the experience to start. The preceptor programs were great and I wasn't left alone until I had 6 months with a preceptor behind me. I got to see so much working down there after a year I can't begin to tell you how great the experience was and I seen so much more than I would have at a local hospital (although those are also hiring new grads). Good luck and keep applying!

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Wow, if a new RN can not a job, what chance do i have as a LPN in Tampa, Florida. I hope it gets better soon.

I sure feel sorry for all of the new nurses who cannot find jobs.:crying2: What about the Peace Corps or some kind of volunteer work overseas? Do these volunteer jobs overseas accept new nurses without experience? I really don't know what to suggest. I wish you all the best. Good luck.

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