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  1. rnmich

    Michigan CEUs

    They may be talking about this... http://www.westernschools.com/ and click in your state and discipline, then they will mail you a book of the available CEU's. You then pick what you want, pay for it and they mail you the book and the post test, mail it back and they send you your CEU certificate.
  2. rnmich

    Still no job and no experience?

    What area do you live? Do you have an inner city area with several hospitals? I went to Detroit right after graduating and I know they are still hiring new grads... DMC with Detroit Receiving, Karmanos, Harper, Childrens; St Johns; Henry Ford. They will train you for various ICU's, ER, Med-Surg. The pay is lower but you will get a job and the experience to start. The preceptor programs were great and I wasn't left alone until I had 6 months with a preceptor behind me. I got to see so much working down there after a year I can't begin to tell you how great the experience was and I seen so much more than I would have at a local hospital (although those are also hiring new grads). Good luck and keep applying!
  3. rnmich

    working prn for two different agencies...

    I don't work multiple agencies but I interview/hire... many of our contingent staff work for several different companies and the response I get is that they want to work but to take on the patient load they want and the area that they want (not often a luxury with full and part timers). Some weeks you can be slammed and others very slow so the nurses tend to have a few companies they work for so they balance out. I have never had an issue hiring someone that works somewhere else as well as long as you can attend some meetings or at a minimum read meeting minutes : ) to keep up to date. Just let the companies know and get any on call/weekend/holiday obligations figured out up front!