Steps to reduce footsteps.

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  1. How many times did you take the NCLEX exam?

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      yahoo, I passed the 1st time.
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      One let down envelope was enough for me, I passed the 2nd time.
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      The 3rd time was a charm
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      I did pass eventually

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What is the best way to stop dancing around in circles/repeating foot steps?

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dianah, ASN

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???? Change the dance??????


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Change where you dance!!!!


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change dance partners.


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don't do anything, stand still

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Dance backwards.

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Or dance on your knees. Eliminates all footsteps.

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Or better still... dance in bed... horizontally... no, not just the mambo either!... c'mon, be creative!

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Slow down and think it through...but I haven't mastered it yet. :rolleyes:

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