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Wow - nursing school. A relatively short time in your life but a time that many of us remember with sweaty palms, no sleep and extra stress. As we learn all things nursing, we have to accept that the added stress is a given. However, there are ways to cope. What is your "go to" for stress relief?


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Well, now that I'm a hardened veteran with TWO days of nursing school behind me, I have to say that reading posts on AllNurses is getting me through.

One day at a time. More coping skills will undoubtedly be found.


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As a second-year BSN student wrestling with EKG and arrythmia questions, I can appreciate this.


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Once you get a method I have noticed, you stop feeling like that. :p I however don't sooo I agree, I would totally watch a reality show about nursing students, or be in it. :)

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When I was in school, I had the misfortune of having classes spaced WAY to far apart. I would have an 0800 class that ended at 1000, and then not need to be in class until 1300. I did not live on campus, I lived a 30 minute drive away, so going home was not an option. I was a poor student-so retail therapy was not an option either. I spent a lot of that time in the library studying for the always looming next test, but that made me need to unwind even more, so I found myself in the gym a lot. I discovered it was a great way to de-stress, and it was a lot healthier than a chocolate alternative!


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My stress reliever is "hanging out" with my friends once a week, and having hilarious talks and laughter over anything and everything. Sometimes it is just talk, going for a walk, going window shopping or meeting for lunch/dinner/brunch. The meeting usually ends when somebody has to leave to go to work or to get ready for work the next day.

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My stress reliever is to make sure I schedule some "me" time once in a while so I don't get burned out.