Starting pre-req's in a few weeks. What's on your supply list?


As I was buying back-to-school supplies for my kids this weekend, all of a sudden it dawned on me that I would need school supplies too. It was one of those "AHA" moments when it became real that over 15 years since I graduated high school, I am starting college. :eek:

I got the basics of notebooks, a couple binders, a backpack, pens, pencils, a calculator. I think that's it. What else should I get or am I covered?

I'm doing pre-reqs this semester. English, Math, Psychology, and Ethics.

What's on your supply list?


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Your list is good for those classes as they don't require anything special.

I would fine tune it a bit, my list would be:

A few three ring binders: sometimes I use a binder for each class and sometimes I have one binder with dividers that I put everything I need to take to class and have others at home to store the papers I don't need in class. I prefer the kind with multiple pockets on the inside covers and a place to slide cover sheets on the front and back. I then put a "cheat sheet" of what I most need to learn from the class in them or some encouragement (that is usually one of my son's poems or a picture another son drew or one of my daughter's graphic designs).

Several packets of college rule lined paper.

A set of page protectors, I put each syllabus in these as well as a "cheat sheet" or two of important information such as a calendar or math formulas.

A set of three ring dividers (with or without pockets, sometimes one works better for a particular class/term and sometimes the other does). Also, some of those white hole reinforcers.

A few good quality folders, reinforced with packing tape on the folds and corners at least. Sometimes I have a folder for each class, sometimes I use the pockets in the binder dividers, either way I usually have a folder or two for "other".

Several colors of pens, several colors of highlighters if you use highlighters and a packet of mechanical pencils (I prefer the side-load kind).

A flashdrive, a mini one will do for taking presentations into class or a bigger one if you want to back up your files in one place.

A mini stapler, a few paper clips, a few of the mini sticky notes, index cards are very helpful in a few classes (sometimes the kind with holes in the corners are better, sometimes not), old business cards for flash cards, a few rubber bands.

Some sort of envelope to slide my text book into (discovered that this past spring, it saved some bent corners and I got a better price when I resold the books).

Calculator and (depending on what math class it is) graph paper and a straight edge.

A backpack... the smaller the better to save my back among other reasons. I also like fewer pockets... one of my favorites has only one compartment and I then keep the small stuff in a zippered nylon bag.


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I'm taking A&P I plus the Lab and I'm also taking Growth and Human Development. I'll be just one class away from completing prereqs after that. :)

I am going to buy some folders, college ruled loose leaf paper and a binder. I don't like to use spiral bound notebooks if I can avoid it. I would rather have something I can take paper out of without ripping it out and easily put it back in and rearrange the order. I always needs lots of notecards because I use them to study. I'll get a couple of highlighters, pens (Bic, blue, medium) and probably some sort of calendar to keep track of assignments. I usually depend on iCal for that, but some teachers don't like computers being used in the classroom, even for typing out notes. I'll get dividers with pockets, sticky notes, a calculator and a small stapler.

I think that's it, besides my books. That's the biggest purchase coming next...


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The only thing I would add is I'm going to try Borders this weekend for A&P flash cards. I know you're not taking it this semester, but since everything is on sale you might want to see what they have.

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I'm doing my last semester of pre-reqs starting in the next couple of weeks, and these are going to be my most challenging yet. I'm taking A&P and Psychology.

In the past, I've honestly taken all online classes, so I've sort of been out of the loop on school supplies for about 5 years now, and this is the first time I've ever actually bought school supplies for myself, and didn't have helping hands, like I did 5 years ago! I figured it was best to stick with the basics and maybe a little extras. I picked up a 3-ring binder with a pretty good bit of inches on the prongs so it can hold more material than the standards. I got about 6 packs of loose leaf paper. I got a few packs of blue and black pens, one pack of red, 2 packs of highlighters, dividers, avery flags, post-its, sheet protectors, stapler, staples, and a few supplemental learning items, like A&P for Dummies, along with the workbook, and Kaplan Medical's Anatomy Flashcards. I think I'm mostly prepared supplies-wise! We'll see! :) Good luck everyone.


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I need to buy some extra things for A&P, but for most classes in the past, my supply list was usually pretty simple: pens/pencils, folders, notebook(s), calculator. I prefer one huge notebook (5-subject) to use in multiple classes (or sometimes 2 notebooks), and then another notebook to write down assignments and schedules for myself. One folder for each class. Definitely need a stapler on hand, I used to carry one around in my purse. That is pretty much it. :)


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The only thing I would add is I'm going to try Borders this weekend for A&P flash cards. I know you're not taking it this semester, but since everything is on sale you might want to see what they have.

That's a great suggestion. Thank you!


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I added a few things to my list so thank you for the suggestions!


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Oh, and the binders with the D-rings instead of O-rings are worth the extra money.


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I completely agree on the D rings! Especially as you get into advanced classes that have require a ton of paper and notes. You will be much happier with them.


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I did get the D ring binders! Thanks again for the suggestions. I bought everything today at Office Depot, who is having a really good sale right now, by the way.


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Depending on what type of Math you have you may have to step up your calculator to the TI-series. Remember the TI-83 or 84 it's a graphing calculator.Good luck to you!! :)