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I am starting my pre-reqs in the fall but the closer it gets the more nervous I get. Here is the deal. I keep reading the "Failed out of nursing school forums" Its starting to scare me. I mean most of the people on that forum that failed out are very smart (I mean, they got that far) And here I am just a girl who never went to high school and I suck at math. I keep thinking (If they failed out, why, in this world would I think I can make it)I am a christians so I am trying to put all my faith in God but I still can't stop thinking if I am wasting my time. One girl on here said she went 3 years and 50 or so thousand dollars in debt then she failed 1 class and got kicked out. She still has to pay all that money back and wasted all that time in school just to mess up in 1 class and get kicked out. I was like WHAT! Could they really do that. I just don't know guys, maybe I am crazy for attempting this. I keep rocking back and forth in my mind. One minute I am going to do it and the next I think (yeah right!) I have already got my schedule and registered but I still have time to back out.Let me add that I am already in the medical field ...CNA, EKG Tech, Phlebotomist and got my CPR and BLS. I have worked in various places and I know 100% sure I want to be a nurse. I sit and watch trama life in the E.R and code blue and I cant wait until I get there. But then there is that doubt in my head. Any one want to give me encouragement..PLEASE.. Did you ever do what I am doing right now with doubting etc... Thank you guys

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CNA, EKG Tech, Phlebotomist CPR and BLS!!!!!

Look at you! You have a great background already! You are going to do great! Relax. Take one step at a time. Take school very seriously. Study hard. Don't ever get behind. Get a tutor if you need help. AND...stop reading all of the horror stories! :)

You are going to be a nurse! You are going to be a GREAT nurse. How exciting! Enjoy your dream! :D


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Thank you for the encouragement it is very much needed right now. I know I should stay away from the "failed out" forum so, from now on I am not going to read them. God Bless!


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I know the plans that I have for you says the Lord. Plans to prosper you, not to fail you, to give you hope and a future! excuse the paraphrase I don't have my Bible with me atm. This verse always gives me great hope for the future. good luck to you and God bless!

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Stop reading those "failed out of nursing school forums" and start reading the "I finished nursing school and got my license forums."

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I have a book mark that I use that reads...

"Faith sees the invisible, believes the incredible, and receives the impossible"

You can do it! :):):)


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Just a question, are you taking a ASN or BSN program, community college or university? Dont read too much about others. Trust me for everyone of those "smart" ones who failed there is one of those who was "unsure" about ourselves and passed.

I am 32 quit high school my senior year went back after 16 years without studying passed the GED and am taking a few prereqs this summer. So far I have a 99 in math and almost the same in a BS computer class. What classes do you have to take the first semester as I know my next semester gets a lot tougher.

Relax and take school serious. You must want to and think you can pass in order to make it past the first semester. While a lot of what you are going to be learning is out of a book when you first start. The part that gets those smart ones in nursing school from what I heard is that they have all the book smarts but little or no common sense or as school calls it "critical thinking skills"

Think on your toes ones you make it past your prereqs that is what we were told was most important. Study your butt off and you'll be fine.


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If you are a CNA already then you have a big advantage. Like you I sucked at math. I was also ok in science and had 4yr gap after high school. I picked nursing on a whim and stuck with it. I was surrounded by stories of how difficult certain classes would be and in turn, braced for the worst. To tell you the truth, yes some classes were a challenge, but nothing I couldn't overcome with studying. As I look back on it all, it wasn't that bad. Take it one class at a time and only half listen to horror stories. The only one I have found to be true is the NCLEX exam =)


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Hi, I'm currently knocking out Pre-Req's as well. My only advice right now, Do NOT, I repeat DO NOT take more than one of the science Pre-Req's during the summer semester. I made the mistake of working more than 30 hours a week, and taking Microbiology with Lab along with Taking College Chemistry One with Lab, and I'm struggling. One of my problems is for the science courses you need to not only be able to recall the material, you have to also know the concepts when worded differently on the test, ie not the best answer but the better answer, which I've heard that nursing is the same way, also I would highly recommend on brushing up on Math skills, those will come in handy for Chemistry, also for the Chemistry, when stuck on tough problems, figure out the WHY, took me awhile to figure out but when thinking about it that way the answers become much clearer, another tip is to apply to multiple schools, oh also I've read multiple admission requirements for the BSN and all of them recommend not working while going to nursing school due to how tough it is.


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I am in the same boat...sort of. I have been out of high school for 12 years and have taken college courses here and there and have done well. I just didn't have any direction on what career I wanted until now. I am DEATHLY

afraid of these pre-req's and how hard I think they are going to be, which is why I have put off doing them for 9 years! 9 whole years I have thought about being a nurse and I've just been afraid to take that first step.

You will never know if you "can do it" unless you try and the guilt you will have later for "coulda woulda shoulda" will feel worse. Just go for it and focus, get tutors if you think that will help. You have to believe in yourself and you have to overcome the FEAR of it. That is all it is. If I can do , so can you!

Good luck


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Oh, Thank you guys!!!!!:yeah: I seriously needed to hear everthing that you all posted. I am taking Philosophy, A&P1, English and math. I will only go to school 2 days a week from 8am-9:30pm. I am going to try stop reading the bad post on here. Thanks for the advice about not taking 2 science courses. I wish I could start slow and part time but my grant won't let me:o. I also liked the verses that one poster gave me thank you! God Bless!!


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I know the plans that I have for you says the Lord. Plans to prosper you, not to fail you, to give you hope and a future! excuse the paraphrase I don't have my Bible with me atm. This verse always gives me great hope for the future. good luck to you and God bless!

Thank you so much!

What verse is that? I'd like to read it when I am down.God bless you too!

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