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  1. Scyankee

    Greenville Tech students

    As a student who just started the clinical part of the program this past January I can tell you to hold on tight and enjoy the ride. The five week classes go very fast. For the first fifteen weeks you'll have three main tests. Fail one and your looking at having a hard time to get any better than a C in the class. I can tell you that there are a few students in my class with masters degrees who say that these classes are more intence than some of the classes they took in grad school. Most A students in the class are pretty much B sometimes C students but they tell you that as you start classes. So far the material is not that hard. It's the trickiness and vaugnness of the questions that make the tests hard. Study all you power points till you feel you can teach them and take notes on every thing the teachers say as sometimes they'll say something only once and you will not find the same exact statement anywhere in your book or power points but you may still see it on the test. That's about all the advice I can give you for the first fifteen weeks. It's fast and anything the teacher says may be on a test. Memorize your powerpoints and read your book for clarification. Good luck
  2. Scyankee

    No RN Jobs Anywhere....Help!!

    I should be starting clinicals next spring at Gvl Tech. Did you have a CNA job or any other job in the area? I know from others that the job market is tough here but just one question. I everyone who graduated last Dec having just as hard of a time as you are?
  3. Scyankee

    Does any one know the answer to this??

    One more point. Just like eating snow it takes energy to melt the snow in your mouth leading to very little hydration. Milkshakes being thicker, frozen drinks may take extra energy to process from the time it hits your mouth than lemonaid that is probably higher in sugar and calories but give you loads of water.
  4. Scyankee

    Does any one know the answer to this??

    I guess I'm going against the grain here. The question says on a HOT day I would think they are trying to imply that the purpose of the drink is primarily to keep from becoming dehydrated. So my guess would be the Lemon-aid. It has more calories than water (that has zero) so it meets both the criteria (calories and hydration) everyone is talking about.
  5. Scyankee

    Looking to move to SC from Boston

    Remember that smaller cities have fewer hospitals. I know students who have graduated and are being told no one is hiring in the Gville area. Now they are new grads and that is a problem everywhere now but the Gville/Spartanburg area has around 6 nursing schools in the area. Gville Tech, Spartanburg Tech, Piedmont Tech, Tri County tech, USC Upstate, Clemson and Im sure I am missing a few here and there. Most of those who were offered job recieved them during clinical rotations. With 6 schools and only a few hospitals they are all tied in with fresh students who have done clinicals. But not being a new grad you may be fine.
  6. Scyankee

    New Grad - Offering to Work for Minimum Wage?

    It is amazing that so many people agree with this crazy idea. What we see now is all the no new grads, at least one year experience. What do you think we would see if everyone was willing to work a year for min wage? We would find that hospitals who want experienced nurses would just change their ads to say 2 or 3 years of experience. They would catch on to why we are working: to get experience but then all you would have is a market filled with new grads who have one year experience. Hospitals will than just look for those with 2,3,4+ years experience as burnout is the next thing they will be worried about. And trust me thousands of new grads working for min wage will only increase the burnout rate leaving what? You got it, the same experienced nurses they are looking for now.
  7. Scyankee

    Greenville Tech students

    Tips, keep up with the grades. Looks like the points to get into the programs hit a record high this semester. 31 minimum for the LPN and 52 for the RN program is what i heard. That makes graded the number one priority.
  8. Scyankee

    Is this school worht it???

    Also keep in mind that a lot of these so called colleges do not have transfer agreements with other schools. This means when or if you wish to pursue your degree further none of your credits transfer to a major university, leaving you paying back lots of $ and having to pay to take the classes again in the future. They may tell you that their credits transfer but ask them to what universities. STAY AWAY.
  9. Scyankee

    New Grad - Offering to Work for Minimum Wage?

    I think you have to remember what you are selling: Yourself. Every time you send out a resume, you are trying to sell yourself, your skills and your training. First rule of business is never undervalue your product. Keep filling out applications, selling your skills training, and accomplishments and I'm sure a job will come your way. Devaluing those things will only make you look less marketable when you start looking for another job or position. Just my two cents.
  10. Scyankee

    Which matters more, school name or degree?

    If you take a minute and read the employment opportunities available right now I think you would find that a large majority say something like (Check out indeed.com). Minimum one to two years experience required, Bachelors preferred. Experience required bachelors preferred would make me lean toward getting my ASN, try getting the experience while you take a accelerated or part time BSN program. I think you would clear up a lot of confusion if you did not use the word RN or BSN. The question should say should I start working with my ASN or skip the experience to go on to get my BSN. It is possible to graduate from your local college or university with a ASN or BSN, never pass you Nclex meaning you are not an RN but you would still have a BSN.
  11. Scyankee

    Dilemma: Should I settle? Is it worth it in the long run?

    Knowing that you have been offered a job in LTC, than why not take the clinic job for now and keep applying for the hospital positions you are looking for. Remember that with the experience you gain working at the clinic you would also make you more marketable for another position at a LTC facility if you are still having a hard time finding the hospital position you desire.
  12. I did the same thing. I took 2 classes this summer working 40hrs a week. Math 101 and CPT (computers). I scored a 101 percent in Math 101 and a 97 in CPT and that was all after being out of school for 16 years. This semester Bio 210, English 101, and Math 102, still plan on working 40 hrs a week. It can be done but you have to dedicate yourself. Good luck.
  13. Scyankee

    Greenville Tech students

    I am taking Bio 210 this semester. Any tips. Anyone know anything about my professor Lalin, Gautier?
  14. Scyankee

    Greenville Tech students

    I am ready. I'm taking Bio 210 in fall also. Right now Im taking my CPT and Math 101. I decided to take 101 as a way to start applying early by completing my LPN requirements so that I can apply for the LPN program while I am finishing up the prereqs for the RN program. Figured I wont get in the first time around as its tough to get selected but this way I can start applying and if I'm not chosen I can continue on with the required prereqs for the RN. If you ever need a study partner for Bio let me know. Im taking the class on tue and thurs during the day. Should be taking a CNA class in December as it would help in the weighted scale.
  15. Scyankee

    Is the job market better for paramedics then for nurses?

    I would say take a look at the classes you'll need to take in both bridge programs. I know there is a bridge program here for both but those who choose the medic first still end up taking a lot of the same classes that they would of already taken in the LPN program.. So take a look at what classes you have to take in the bridge programs and if most are similar to those of the LPN program take the LPN program and get then out of the way.