Starting my drug card collection!

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During next semester, we start passing meds. I want to get a jump start on making drug cards. I've decided to use PowerPoint. My question is what exactly should I put on these cards such as action, adverse effects?


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I am a nursing student also. At my school, we use DR. C. CANTS. It stands for D-dose, R-route, C-lassification, C-contraindications, A-adverse effects, N-nursing considerations, T-time and S-side effects. It is a lot of info, but it does cover everything!


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I was just at borders and saw a cute pocket sized drug reference. I'm going to buy it for next semester.

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Learn your drug classes and the MOAs of your drugs. Past that the rest of it falls into place, and there isn't that much to look up.

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Yummy Chocolate said:
Here is an example of drug cards made in microsoft word. Someone else posted these at allnurses but I just can't seem to remember who. Anyhow hope these help someone. ?

The act of creating the drug cards helps you remember various aspects of different drugs.

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I am working on mine right now for next semester. We list:

Trade name



Nursing implications

Effectiveness (desired outcome)

Side effects

Teaching needs

Drug names (generic and trade).

Here is a sample provided by my prof- good example

Sample Drug_Card_2.jpg


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Good stuff. I am not at this point yet, but will review. Thx.


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If you like these.. I've got like 7 more PDF's with other sections of drugs on them. GI, Cancer, Antimicrobial, Endo, etc.



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CaptKris, if you could post the other PDFs on the others, that would be much appreciated.