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Spooky Stuff

Anybody out there ever have any spooky things happen at work? You know, like ghost stories?

Yes, one night while I was working I had a scary experience. The halls were dark and I had walked to the end of the hall to the closet. There were no patients that far down the hall at the time. So, as I looked for my supplies, I got tapped on the shoulder. I turned around and no one was there. I looked in a few empty rooms to see if a co-worker was playing a trick on me. There was no one. I realized what happened and ran down the hall. I just sat at the nurse station and the secretary asked what was the matter. I asked her to please don't think I was crazy and I told her. She didn't seemed surprised. She told me that stuff happens all the time on the floor. I stayed there for almost 2 years and never had anything else happen. Still, it freaked me out.

I have heard things but never had them happen to me. In one old Catholic hospital, staff and patients reported seeing a nun in full long dress come around and visit patients. The story said that there was one old nun who lived in the building until she died. She would make rounds to see patients. In another hospital, heard stories about patient reports seeing an elderly man standing at the foot of their bed. When asked to describe him, the story goes that he fit the description of a person who had died in a room down the hall quite a while before.


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I don't think this is too spooky, just beyond easy explanation. My floor is mostly surgical but at this time we had been taking care of our head surgeon's friend who was dying of cancer. We were doing palliative care. The patient and his wife were one of those families who you love to care for. Friendly, positive outlook, never complaining. Needless to say, all the nurses became very close to him during the three months he was on our floor. The first night of my three day weekend I had a dream about him. This is an unusual occurrence for me to dream about patients. In my dream, he was looking healthy and packing his bags. He looked at me and thanked me for the care I had given him and that he was so much better now. I called the hospital the next morning and he had passed away the night before!

Some of this stuff gave me goosebumps! Except for the nun stuff Mary H. Either this nun really gets around, or we've been had! I have worked in 3 Catholic facilities and she was apparently a busy gal haunting them all in the US and Canada! The only difference I've heard is that in my present job, she is without a head! Ha! Ha!

One night while getting report I saw a thin white haired woman climbing over the siderails. When I ran to help her she urinated on my shoes. After she was safely back in bed she angrily pointed her arthritic finger at me stating, "I remember watching you walk to school in the snow when you were six." Since it almost never snows in Los Angeles I thought she had guessed I came from the east or confused me with someone else. Then she said, "You don't believe me. You were born in California but your sister was born in Michigan."

TRUE! Along with her medical illness this lady carried a diagnosis of Alzheimers.

We lived in Michigan only four years leaving in 1951! I cannot explain it.


I have a couple stories. An older nurse that mentored me, told about an experience she had. While making rounds on a medical unit, she looked down the end of the hallway and saw a woman dressed in a long white gown "glide" out one door across the hallway into another room. Both of these rooms were empty. She recognized the patient as one being on the surgical unit. She called the other unit to verify that the patient was still there. The patient had expired at the same time she saw this figure float across the hallway. Weird right!

Ok another story - I experienced (I have been a nurse 30 yrs). While taking care of 2 elderly female patients on the medical unit, one alert, one dying and unresponsive -same room. The alert pt put on her call light. She said she heard noises beside the other patients bed (a curtain was pulled between their beds). We went in, no one was there - no one on the unit had been in the room. We reassured her and left the room. Shortly thereafter, she put on her call light again. We asked her what she wanted. She said the patient had just died and we could get her ready for the morgue. We went to the room - the patient had expired. We asked her how she knew that - she replied, "I heard the rustle of the angels wings and heard them telling her it was time to go". I had a student nurse with me that literally ran out of the room screaming. Other nurses tell me similar things have happened in that same room. I told them that if I ever come in to the ward, please do not put me in that room! They just laugh at me.

My first job out of LPN school was at an Alzheimer's unit. What an experience! It was usual to hear the weird and wacky all day- But one day- I was at the nurses station and one of the male residents-Leonard

demented with OBS- was leaning on the counter. I was shuffling some papers- when I realized that someone else was standing at the end of thecounter waiting for my attention. I glanced over and saw an old lady with white hair and a red dress. I put my papers down and turned to ask if I could help her- and she was gone. I had the strangest feeling- I loooked down both hallways and saw no one. Leonard speaks up

and says "Who ya looking for- the lady in the red dress?" We searced the whole unit and never found anyone-No one could get out of the unit without me letting them out. It gives me chills to this day.

This is good you guys! This would make a great book of short stories!

This was only reported to me but everyone who was there agreed it to be true. It was a Friday evening about 9 or 9:30PM. The OR team had finished cases, taken a patient back to the floor and was taking a break in the break room. All of a sudden, the emergency light from PACU came on. (Of course, there were no patients in PACU at the time.) So, they all went down to see what was going on. The light at the head of Bed 10 was flashing. That was where they had placed the 21 year old gunshot to the head the night before....after they had finished the organ harvest.

I heard a story from one of the nurses I work with on my unit about a patient she once took care of. Apparently the nurse "heard this little voice" telling her to check on her patient, but she ignored it because she was admitting a patient and the patient had been a/o X3 and could call with any needs. All of a sudden, the code light goes off in that particular room. When everyone rushes in, no one else but the patient was there, and he is blue and unresponsive. He was successfully coded and sent to the ICU. While no one admits to hitting the button, that light is what saved his life.

I've had some strange things happen to me after a patient has died..at home, not at work. I used to do Hospice nursing, and one particular patient that I had gotten very close to had told me that she would be my angel when she died. One morning while working on a paper, it felt like someone was stroking my hand. I would stop what I was doing and look at my hand and saw that the hair on the back of it was standing up. I went back to writing, and felt the same thing again. Just then, the phone rang. It was my patients hubby telling me that she had just taken her last breath.

During the next week, if I was in the kitchen working on the computer, the burners on my gas stove would turn on full force. I'd shut them off only to have them turn on again. The coolest thing happened the day of her funeral. My twin daughters went up to bed, but came down screaming for me. I ran up to their room to see that"someone" had laid out a complete outfit for each of them on their beds...shirts, pants, underwear, socks, shoes. It looked like a body on their bed...just couldn't see hands, feet or head. Needless to say, my girls were petrified. Since my patient never had daughters, only grown sons, I assumed this was her way of letting me know that she was okay in heaven. I told my girls this, and together that night we thanked "Edna" and asked her not to help with their clothes anymore. She never did anything like that again, but I know that she watches over me to this day.

I'm sure that you other nurses have had a patient let you know that they made it to the other side safely. I would love to hear some of those stories!


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Originally posted by bunky:

Anybody out there ever have any spooky things happen at work? You know, like ghost stories?

Well I owrked at a Catholic hospital that had

just took the nuns off the floor as nurses and put them in pastoral care services. I had just started back in 1977 and yes on the night shift. the unit use to be peds and nursery and the last nun that died was allowed to stay and die on her floor in room

406 now the room is a play room but every once and a while I would look or hear a baby cry the call light would come on in 406 and the we would see her the nun go in the room and the light would turn off and the crying would stop. They say the nun said her life was taking care of the babies and only she had that special touch that would make any baby quit crying as soon as she picked them up.

Originally posted by bunky:

Anybody out there ever have any spooky things happen at work? You know, like ghost stories?

Many years ago a nun told me this story. She said she was waiting at an elevator to counsel a family who had been called in to see a patient who had passed. She said the patient had been pronounced dead by two physicians, both of which had evaluated her very carefully. A nurse went into collect up the patients things and do post mortum care. Suddenly a blood curdling scream came from the room and the nun rushed in expecting God know what. She found the patient sitting up in bed looking around and the nurse in a faint. The nurse said later that she had been bending over the night stand packing things when a voice behind her said,"what are you doing in my stuff?" The woman then called a relative with whom she had a falling out many years before and reconciled. She died again shortly thereafter.

Wow that is a freaky one!

I just picked my coworkers brains for this one: Catholic hospital. They had an elderly lady patient who they swore was posessed. They had to restrain her as she was wild, and despite 4 point restraints and a Posey vest (she almost broke a nurses arm) they'd come in and find the bed halfway across the room. But that wasn't even the scariest part to this. One Sunday morning, one of the nurse went in and found the lady sleeping, she turned on her TV quietly and there was a church show on, the lady woke up, somehow managed to bolt upright in bed, and she began screaming and wailing at the top of her lungs. The nurse looked at the head of her bed to see the crucifix had turned upside down! They called in the supervisor who had been teasing them about their fears over this woman and he lasted about 30 seconds in that room. She began telling him to have sex with her in some very crude language and smiled and told him in Spanish that she was El Diablo, and how would he like a piece of that. Someone even had the priest come in to see her, and according to this nurse that accompanied him to the doorway to the room, he went in and walked right back out as white as a sheet! He didn't say a word but he never went back. I had such goosebumps when they told me this!

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In the last hospital in which I worked, there was a haunted elevator. It seems that a dialysis patient on the 4th floor had decided he'd had enough. He disconnected himself from the dialysis machine (leaving at least one of the needles in) and made it as far as the freight elevator before exsanguinating. (Or so the story goes). Apparently, a housekeeper getting on the elevator found him there, having bled out. I have trouble understanding why the dialysis machine alarms -- which are loud enough to wake the dead -- or the trail of blood didn't alert the nursing staff before the guy could get on the elevator, but that's the story as I was told.

One night when I was returning to the unit on the very same 'vator after a trip to pharmacy, the elevator light for the fourth floor came on all by itself. The elevator stopped on the fourth floor, the doors opened, and this blast of icy cold air came inside. The light for the fifth floor (my floor) went out, and the elevator started back down. It stopped on the second floor, the doors opened, and the icy cold air seemed to get off. As I stood there shaking, the fifth floor light came back on, and the 'vator went up to my floor. The doors opened, and I got out.

The housekeepers all laughed when I told them what happend. They told me the story about the dialysis patient, then advised me never to get on that particular elevator alone. "He never does that if there's more than one person," they said. I never did get on that elevator alone again -- or at all, if I could help it. But one night a visitor (who shouldn't have been using the freight elevators at ALL) told me that the elevator stopped on the fourth floor all by itself, and a patient got on. She said she didn't think anything about it at all until the elevator stopped at the second floor. She let the patient get off first, and when she exited right after him, he had vanished!

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Some of this stuff gave me goosebumps! Except for the nun stuff Mary H. Either this nun really gets around, or we've been had! I have worked in 3 Catholic facilities and she was apparently a busy gal haunting them all in the US and Canada! The only difference I've heard is that in my present job, she is without a head! Ha! Ha!

As near as I can figure every Catholic hospital in the world comes with at least one obligatory ghost nun complete with full habit. In one hospital she is the "pale sister" another the "Blue Nun" Our older hospitals have registered nurses in veils. One common thread is that they are almost invariably kind and usually are seen to help.

My son had to go in under general anesthesia for a minor heart procedure. The nurse told us afterwards that during the procedure he woke up and started to talk. The nurse asked him who he was talking to and he pointed to the door and told her his guardian angel was there and told him he was going to be o.k. not be afraid. She asked him what his guardian angels name was and he answered Andrew. She said her and the cardiologist were pretty freaked!!

Don't know if this qualifies for the scary department but, really happened to me.

A few months ago, I had a dream about a resident I had gotten very attached to(I swear my husband will be just like him in 30 years :D ). He came to see me at home and told me "Bless you for the Angel you are." and touched my face. I woke up aorund 3:30am feeling pretty peaceful yet my face was ice cold! When I went into work that night, I was told he had expired the night before around 3am. I just about fainted!! I still dream now and then about him... always leaves me feeling calm.


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