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  1. Nurses Calling it Quits in B.C.

    Yes, as an agency nurse I decide my schedule, and that's really great, but the job itself is just the same. I actually talked to a recruiting company from BC, and was so disheartened to learn about the part time thing still going on. When will the...
  2. Nurses Calling it Quits in B.C.

    But fergus would you feel that way if you were full time there? I agree that the current practice of hiring only part time employee's and not opening up full time positions is making matters far worse back home. You'd think that in a nursing shorta...
  3. Nurses Calling it Quits in B.C.

    I totally agree with lalaxton. I am down here, without a union, and yes, I am making really great money working for a staffing agency. The drawback is that my employers health insurance benefits are really bad, and I elected to insure myself and my ...
  4. New Nursing Forum for Canadian Nurses!!

    First of all, Thank you Brian! This is such a wonderful idea! Secondly, I am so happy to see you all here. I miss Canada terribly. JMP I am with you. I left for the same reasons you are considering it, only when I graduated in 1995, even a part ...
  5. Agency Nurses: Advice needed please!

    Ok but what I am getting at is do any of you feel, or perhaps know that because you are an agency nurse that if there's a unit that is going to be shortstaffed it'll be the one that YOU are on? I mean do any of you feel that the hospital while not p...
  6. Agency Nurses: Advice needed please!

    Hi. I have some questions for everyone including unit managers, nsg supervisors etc... How many of my fellow agency nurses have been put in the role of charge nurse, even when it means that you are in charge over regular staff RN's? Do you feel that ...
  7. Charge Nurse-ing

    No Canoehead I am the one who does say no, and I've been threatened with termination several times now due to that fact. I am the so-called "troublemaker" who stops working and calls my agency to report unsafe conditions, and I will continue to do so...
  8. Charge Nurse-ing

    Thank God I am not the only one having to do this! I am agency staff and have loved the fact that they'd never make me pull charge again. I had been exclusively charge for a few years and loved the break. Well they did put me back in charge even tho...
  9. Relocating Canada to Us

    Hi from a fellow canuck Neuro6. I made the move 5 yrs ago from Ontario to Texas due to lack of jobs back home. Why are you wanting to relocate? That's the big question, and when you answer that, we can all provide you with the pros and cons of such a...
  10. What Freaks You Out?

    I have been reading these and laughing hysterically. I can do trachs, spit, snot, pus, even when the pus (a lovely gray toothpaste like never ending string of it)came from and 8 yr old scrotal cyst that suddenly came to a head when the guy was on abt...

    Hi again Aaron! $29 weekdays, 7a-7p $31 weekend days, and I get $34/hr when I pull charge. Been a nurse for almost 6yrs, Texas

    Hi again Aaron! $29 weekdays, 7a-7p $31 weekend days, and I get $34/hr when I pull charge. Been a nurse for almost 6yrs, Texas
  13. Agency or not?

    Enlighten me, heck ALL of us Aaron! I think I know what your solution is though, and am also thinking of the same thing. What if when called into work, we were to say, "Sure for $XX/hr I will." I received a call yesterday from my former employer aski...
  14. Non-critical pts in ICU

    Here's another question: Why are pt's being admitted for blood transfusions at all? I work on Med-Surg and those admits can throw your entire day into a tailspin. These pt's come to the floor often times with only a few minutes warning, and we must d...
  15. Agency or not?

    I too have gone agency, and you wouldn't catch me ever being a regular hospital employee again! I make almost double what I did as a staff nurse, I tell THEM when I will work, and if you are personable, and work hard, you will find that hospitals wil...