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SPC nursing 2015

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You are reading page 9 of SPC nursing 2015. If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page.

One last question! LOL. Does anyone know if we should bring all of the books on the first day? Seems like we aren't going to use them..

I believe the 12 am note on the web page refers to all courses .... 12 am is midnight by the way.... as far as I know, you go by your schedule ... mine is days with lab first on Monday at 1 pm..

I don't think we will use our books at all on day 1 but the nurse tutor from the NIP said to bring and have in our car and if we need them we could get them on a break. I'm bringing the syllabus, handbook and my laptop in with me. My class instruction says bring in the intro part and handbook and/or have electronic access.

Oh man..the stress is already getting to me :/ Thanks for your help.

I am applying in the fall as well. I am finishing up statistics this semester. I am doing pretty well in it. I have an A. I should have a 3.8 once all my pre-reqs are completed. I am hoping that my GPA is high enough to get into the program for fall. I also don't know since I am finishing my last prereq now if I will have to wait another semester to get into the program because Stats wasn't done when I first applied.

You should be able to apply while taking your last class I was taking my last class micro in the fall 2014 and applied and got in for spring 2015. Keep in mind that fall cohorts are more competitive. Admissions uses a point system based off of GPA and completed pre-reqs and then Pinellas County residents are given priority. Good luck!!

Hey everyone, hope made it through Level I! Just stopping in to see how things worked out. Best of luck to you all.

I'm glad you guys have carried on this post for so long. I plan to apply for Spring 2016, and this post has answered several questions that I had. Thanks!

Starting level 4 this fall. Hope everyone is doing good. Long road but definitely worth it!

Good luck!! I just graduated in May. Waiting on eligibility from BON to test. I'm so anxious all my classmates have either gotten their approval to test and some have already tested and passed. I already got a job offer lined up so I'm even more nervous!

Did anyone in this post purchase any Recommended material? Or did you all stick to the required material?