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  1. by   none the wiser

    I just took my boards yesterday...now comes the agonizing wait to Monday. Haha.

    Where are you all at now?
  2. by   none the wiser
    Quote from none the wiser
    101: Horne is the best. Murray is very difficult, as is Fournier. Mays is pretty good too, I've heard. She arguably goes to the best location, and in 101 location is everything.

    165: I would recommend getting an adjunct. Seriously, go for the TBA's. I liked Ms Hudson a lot in lecture, but I'm not sure how her clinical is.

    263: This class is so much fun. A nice break from 265. OB is slightly easier than Peds, but don't stress about this class too much. All the instructors are great.

    265: Ms Shirk is the best of the full instructors. The adjuncts were not bad.

    A note about 265/263 semester: There are pros and cons to having 265 clinical first. Pros: You get the hard stuff out of the way before you're burned out. Cons: If you fail, you don't know until AFTER you've done all the clinicals haha.
    Quote from none the wiser

    210: Adjunct, adjunct, adjunct! Ms Carson is also fabulous

    162: Either one is all right, but Ms Glenn is easier. Easy peasy class.

    This semester will help you remember you're not the total idiot 265/263 made you think you were.

    How's everyone doing? What semester are you in now?

    215: Everybody's great. They're all really nice. I highly recommend Ms Rivers though. Everyone's at Lexington, except Ms Praelue (sp) but she's apparently not teaching for the spring semester. She goes to Providence.

    264: Sooooo much better than 263. I :heartbeat Ms Earn.
  3. by   lelafin
    I've got Murray for 101 Clinical, and Horn/Mays for lecture. So far, they all seem pretty cool/fair. We have our first test on Monday though so after that I may feel differently lol.
  4. by   JennyNav82
    Hi everyone! I know I'm randomly jumping in on your thread, but I've been reading some of your posts and wanted to ask a few questions to see if any of you can help me out! My name is Jenn & I recently applied to MTC's nursing program in hopes of starting this fall. I have a BA from San Diego State University (which is where I currently live now) and I've taken all of my prereq's (ie. micro, anatomy, physio, psychology, etc) out here at different community colleges. Does anyone know if they normally accept most prereq classes that were taken at other institutions or are they very strict about this? And do any of you know how realistic it is for me to start this fall, or even in Jan 2012 (when I applied, the website said they are currently accepting apps for Jan 2013)? My stepmom just finished MTC's nursing program last year and she said that she was bumped up an entire year on the waitlist. I'm hoping I'll be just as lucky!

    I appreciate any tips/advice that you guys can give! Thanks in advance.
  5. by   crownemarie
    It's possible, being that you have completed your prerequsites. You should speak to Diane Boufawaz about your placement. She'll be able to tell you for sure.
  6. by   Monah86
    to jennynav82, hey i just attended the orientation session for the mtc adn nursing program and my start date is jan 2013. to answer your question there is no possible way for you to start this fall 2011 but quite possible for jan 2012 if you have already been accepted and are applying for merit. merit as some of people commented earlier is basically bumping your start date up an entire year. so one must have already been accepted into the program. with all your pre reqs done i'm sure you stand a great chance at starting early but you must be accepted into the program first. the deadline to start jan 2012 is june 30th for the merit program.(that is apply to the college of nursing first then apply for merit) that is the only way you can start that early at mtc that is. another college is a different story. hope this helps if you hadn't already taken the advice of the previous commentor on talking to ms. boufawaz. i too have a bachelors but in biology and am currently working on the rest of my pre-reqs and i plan on applying for merit. to apply for merit you have to have taken bio 210 ( a & p i) and it is based on a point system so say you took bio 211 and got an a then you are awarded 10 pts for that course. i believe the merit gives points based on grades recieved in dev. psych, micro, a&p ii, pre cal, nurs nutrition, and a class at mtc. also if you have a 3.0 from your ba degree that adds 10 pts. to get the details you should visit the website and click on the merit info. again, it is the only way you can start jan 2012 or fall 2011 because those seats are already filled but they save like (8-16???seats don't quote me) for merit accepted students for the jan 2012 session. hope this helps! good luck! :-)
  7. by   Monah86
    Sorry I may have confused you in the end but the earliest you can start if accepted through MERIT is Jan 2012 (if you are accepted into the nursing program and apply for MERIT by june 30, 2011). Fall 2011 is impossible from what I was told by the nursing dept in orientation. They are no longer accepting MERIT applications for that session, last time was oct 2010 I believe.
    Sorry if I confused you at first!
  8. by   msbeautyt
    can you give me any if about 265 and 263... a lot of people say don't take them together bc they are so hard...what was your experience like?
  9. by   thekilierdonut
    Hey all! Awesome thread, glad I found it! I currently work as an EMT in Columbia and just finished my first semester of pre-nursing this past spring. Taking one class (MAT102) over the summer, and I plan on finishing with pre-nursing (and knocking out some other required classes, i.e. micro, stat, etc) by spring 2012! My question: does anyone know what time online registration opens on July 1 for fall semester? I am trying to get registered the minute it all becomes available (and yes, I am already web enabled), as I am trying to get into a NUR 115 this semester and I have heard absolute horror stories about that class filling up too fast for folks to enroll in it. I purposely took today and tomorrow off from work so I could sit by my computer and wait for registration to open. I am very proactive and extremely serious about my education; I literally cannot wait for fall semester to start. I love school and I love what I'm going to school for :-)
  10. by   Stargirl2011
    My start date is August of 2012. Is there anyone on here that dropped RN to LPN to get there foot in the door faster. Can somebody tell me who a good teacher for Pharmacology. I will be taking it in the Spring of 2012.
  11. by   sutelibunn
    Quote from Stargirl2011
    Can somebody tell me who a good teacher for Pharmacology. I will be taking it in the Spring of 2012.
    You don't really get a choice. None of the basic nursing courses I've registered for listed the instructor until well after the registration date. Just choose the class that best fits your schedule. I've yet to meet a truly bad nursing instructor here, but what I have seen is bad students faulting the teachers for giving them bad grades when they should have been blaming their own haughty attitudes and poor study/classroom habits instead.
  12. by   Perryls
    Hey guys! I'm starting Nursing in Jan 2012 through Merit! I'm so excited! I wil be taking Fundamentals, Pharmocology and Diet?Nutrition Therapy! Hoping to meet my fellow classmates soon!
  13. by   JennyNav82
    Hi Perryls. I'm starting this coming Jan 2012, too! I'll be relocating all the way from San Diego. How did you figure out what classes you'll be taking in Jan? Have you already met with a counselor? Looking fwd to meeting our classmates/making some new friends once I move out there.