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Nope, not a complaint thread!

Had a new admit tonight. SWEET, SWEET, SWEET lady! I gave her a whirlpool bath, washed her hair, did really good mouth care. Gave her pain medication, then a back rub and treated a sore on her mouth. She smiled at me when I told her I was going to give her a break from me and said, "Oh, honey, I prayed for a miracle. And you, your my miracle, thank you." Can I say I walked out of there in tears?:)

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Events like this are one of the reasons that most of us stay in nursing. Diane


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How sweet! I bet that made your night. Events like this, which are few and far between, make it all worthwhile!

You are an :saint:

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How sweet!:wink2:

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you must be an angel ! thanks for that uplifting story. hope you have many more nights like this !

praiser :heartbeat


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OHHHHHH! I love that. Don't you wish we could have more of those!:redbeathe

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Okay, I'm a wuss, I'm sitting here sniffling.....

I was walking down the hall one night, and heard singing from one of our double rooms. I go in to "shhhhhh" the singer, who I figure is the dementia pt in bed 1. Instead, I find the pt in bed 2 is sitting beside bed 1, holding her hand, and singing to her. When I asked her what was up, she said bed 1 had had a nightmare, so she was singing her back to sleep.

Believe me, anything bed 2 wanted for the rest of her stay, we gave her; she asked for Dr. Pepper on day shift, and they sent someone to the store to get her one...

leslie :-D

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nice story, shay...

esp working where you do.

thanks, on my behalf.



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I am sorry to report my sweet lady died today before I got back to work. They said it was a peaceful death.:redbeathe

On a side note, the night turn nurse heard her moaning last night and when she went in to make sure she was ok, the woman said oh yeah! I am not in pain, I was dreaming about Paul Newman, ROFLMAO! THAT is how I want to go....

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