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Sociology and Fundamentals to Chemistry

I have two quick questions!

First off, is Sociology a hard class. I will be taking it this summer and it will be done in 4 weeks opposed to 15 weeks. What exactly does it entail?

Secondly, I will be taking Fund. of Chem. this fall. Can I be doing anything right now to jump start me with this class. I have never taken chem. before...not even in high school. So I have no clue what I am in for!

Sociology is not hard. You learn about how society is shaped and how different things and relationships result from it.

Chemistry is hard for some people the first time they take it, and easy for others. I would say the only thing that would be easy to get a head start on is learning the periodic table. you can look it up pretty much anywhere online. Other then that, I would just stick to learning it in the class because if you read the book prior to instruction it maaay not make any sense to you...

sociology is a breeze, its an easy class. I took it this past semester, and an A. Chemistry im taking in the summer time (class starts next week), requires a lot of math, and memorization of formulas. Chemistry is a class that you need to study for, and practice, b/c practicing will sharpen your math skills, and thats whats needed. Good luck

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Sociology is very easy. I wouldn't worry at all.

Chemistry, for me it depended on the teacher. I dropped it the first time because my teacher was awful, rude and confused me. Took it with someone else and got an A.

Focus on learning the basic elements and their symbols, (Sodium, Carbon, Beryllium, etc.) perhaps their charges as well. Sodium = Na+ for example, Oxygen = O^-2 charge. You need to memorize things like this when writing nomenclature, which is the backbone of chemistry class. A lot of people in my class did poorly because they did not take the time to learn this information and it never goes away. The math is not hard. They teach you the setup, you have to know how to determine what number goes where. Once you get the pattern down it's pretty easy, (and this from someone who despises math). Once I got a decent teacher, my fears went away and I found chemistry quite fascinating. Wish I could take another chemistry course just for the fun of it, and I NEVER thought I'd say something like that!!

Good luck.

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Sociology was a breeze. I'm nervous about chem as well!


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Sociology is a cake class, but it is slightly more difficult when compared to psychology IMO. The best thing you can do to get a boost in chem is get your basic algebra down. A lot of people in my class had a hard time with nomenclature because they couldn't memorize names or charges.

Thanks for all of your replies! It sounds like Soc. should be an easy "A" as long as I study and being that this is the only class I will be taking, it shouldn't be a problem.

Another reason that I am getting soc out of the way this summer, is that I will only have writing and chem. this fall. I need all the extra time I can get with this chem class. Memorization has never been a problem for me, but I struggle really bad with math. In fact, all math classes must be done before taking chem. so I will be taking my last math class the second half of summer. I am going to start tutor sessions in the next two weeks so hopefully this will help!


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Chemistry is definitely time consuming. It may be confusing to start studying now, but looking at the periodic table or measurements can't hurt. I suggest doing all of the practice problems provided in the book because it's the only way to really learn the material. I just finished a chemistry class of gen chem/organic chem/bio chem and constantly studied to get a B+.


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