So about that philosophy paper...


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If you came here to be serious and passionate about your love for the job, move along, please. ;) I am, most days, but after 20.5 hours on a shift that was supposed to be 12, a patient coup on a mental health unit, and...just so much more crap...I am, perhaps, a little jaded. I'll feel better after I've slept, but in the meantime, I cope with humor. Indulge me while I run my bath so I can soak and get to bed. :-D

Nurse Audreysmagic is working on becoming Nurse Audreysmagic, MSN, and one of my upcoming assignments is a paper on my personal philosophy of nursing. After deep thought while documenting after this shift, and on the Lyft ride home, I have decided upon a few prospective titles for my paper.

For your consideration:

Why You Can Take This Job and Shove It

Administrators Who Were Snug in Bed at the Time of This Writing: A Complete Listing

B52 - Truly, the Best Vitamin

Got any more suggestions? Hit me with your best shot...

To quote John Cameron Mitchell's Hedwig..."I laugh, because I will cry if I don't."

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One of my favorite philosophical lines comes from the movie "Gladiator."

"Sometimes, I do what want to do. Other times, I do what I have to do."

That pretty much sums up my philosophy most days.


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Omg dying here. :roflmao:


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I could have used a good old B52 tonight on our dementia patient. He had a code brown, got out of bed (thank goodness for bed alarms), pulled off his soiled gown and carried it halfway down the hall while he was naked. Then he yelled that he was going home and refused all attempts to put a new gown on him, thus he was turned into a code grey. Ativan helped eventually but a B52 would have been faster and less messy.

How about: I need to get away from the bedside before I end up on the locked unit :)


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"God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy". Pretty much explains it all to me.

Not to PLAGARIZE but this is a 2008 country song from Billy Currington.


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"The Glorious Gift of Geodon"

"Am I the nurse, or the patient?!"

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We've been having a pretty wild week at work, and today our Infection Control nurse suggested, "Run While You Still Can."

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Also, one of my nursing instructors, a dear woman who never had an unkind word for anyone, would just sigh if someone was rude and say, "Some people need to take up underwater basket-weaving." In that spirit, I also offer up, "A Complete List of Those Who Should Consider a Career in Underwater Basket-Weaving."

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The Art of War, and Nursing.

allnurses Guide

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"They must be sick or crazy if they want me taking care of them just now."