So what makes you pass out?


Okay they say everyone in nursing has that one thing that totally makes them a little light headed. I have been to the OR, watched a stage 4 pressure ulcer be dressed without being bothered. THe one thing that gets me everytime is watch someone else put in an IV. I know what you are thinking... you better change your major. I have taken out two IVs and neither have bothered me. So my question is do you think that this will subside when I actually put the IV in?

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At one time nothing made me feel as though I was going to pass out. That is until I got pregnant with my second child. After that, there are two things that can bring me very close to passing out (luckily, I haven't done it....yet)

1) observing a C-section (observed in real life AND watching on TV)

2) watching a tummy tuck or lipo on the Science channels...cannot even think how I'd do if I had to watch a real life tummy tuck or lipo.

3) faces lifts...:lol2:

I don't know what it is about those two/three procedures but everytime I see it, I feel very very lightheaded.

Good thing I have no intentions of going into the OR or working for a plastic surgeon.


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One time while observing in the PACU they were preping a guy and putting in an epidural... the anesthesiologist had trouble and the needle came out all bent. I almost hit the floor watching him digging around for the right space then when he pulled the needle out and it was all bent I had to sit down. That is the only time in nursing school and 8 years on the ambulance that I have ever felt like that.

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I used to work with a physical therapist - when he would work in LTC and the elderly people would cringe with pain as he did ROM, I would get lightheaded.

I hate to see people in pain.


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Same here, when people are in pain.


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I am a senior in a BSN program and I'm also a tech on a med/surg telemetry floor and there have been plenty of times when I've been changing an adult patients diaper and it smelled so bad that I almost collapsed..... Ugh, awful!

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I am expecting to have to manage at least one trach patient this rotation, and I am already dreading it. I can handle blood, gore, surgery, and poop ... but not mucus. Ick.


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Doing three nights in a row, 12 hour ones of course. Thankfully I am in my bed when I do pass out, but has been close a few times at red lights!:lol2:

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Probably rhinoplasty. That's the one thing I cannot watch at all. Gives me the heebie-jeebies.


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I fainted last semester in the OR, I guess it was just surgery that bothered me. A month ago, I fainted in the ER watching a patient get a huge wound on his arm infiltrated. The nurse kept sticking the needle IN and OUT and IN and OUT...all around this gaping wound. Now I'm scared that I'll faint when I start IVs or when I see a baby be born. I think it's the anxiety now more than anything... :-(


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oh god

i HATE when they have to remove someone's toenail!!

i was watching something on Resident Life on DHC and they had to use pliers to remove this woman's toenail and i almost barfed and i watch super gross stuff all the time which doesnt bother me

its just a toenail thing!

Nothing yet, but I haven't done a surgery rotation. If that bothers me it will be the smell because I watch tons of surgery on T.V. and I love it!! I also watch lots of CSI!:lol2:

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