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I work with LVN's on a detox unit, and two of them wear these clogs. Now, I am in nursing school and wanted to explore this question.....

Are these clogs better than a good pair of Nikes?

Or does your foot slip out of them. My LVNs's sweat by them!

old-master has spoken........:cool:


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I swear by my solid pair of black Doc Martins. I've never worn more comfortable shoes and they stand up to anything.

I don't like clogs, because if I have to run to a code or something, I need to have my shoes tied. Also, I seem to be a magnate for all sorts of body fluids and prefer that my feet and socks be encased in leather.

I worry about the same thing! What if I step out of them into God knows what?!:eek:

I sport Adidas, olde school style, :cool: but am always open to more comfortable suggestions.

i swear by my solid pair of black doc martins.

back in the day, they used to have white docs. i'd love to have a pair now!


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I agree with Matt. I can't wear clogs when I am working Med/Surg because I can't run, but I can wear clogs when I am in theatre. I work both areas.

When I am working Med/Surg I generally wear leather sandals, with a closed heel and a closed toe. I haven't had any trouble with body fluids, maybe I've just been lucky.




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Rockport ProWalkers for work.

Clogs all other times. They're like a vacation for my feet.


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I've got a pair of Birkenstock London in white that I love completely. The fit is rather loose, but I've found that it's not difficult to run in them, and there's the added bonus that my feet aren't sweaty at shift's end. Plus, my feet have never even remotely ached after a 12+ hour shift.

They're pricey, I admit, but I'm worth it! :D


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If you want another pair of White Doc. Martin's oxfords.....they are on sale in life-uniforms catalog--$75.

Thanks for posting!!!


And by the way, it was swear not sweat. I hate when that happens!:rolleyes:

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I swear by Nursemates Elsa clogs (which btw were just discontinued:confused: ) or their Sheba clogs (which are also discontinued). I ordered a couple of the Elsa's to have as extras. I know Nursemates just came out with a new line called Heartbeats or something and they have clogs that I hear are FABULOUS! I also wear Keds with a thick sole, or Avia sneakers. I like that the shoes have a convertible strap that I can wear on top of the foot or behind the heel depending upon my mood, and have NEVER stepped out of them. If they fit properly, your foot shouldn't be stepping out. If you have any concerns, of course try on before you buy. But I still swear by my clogs. They have a thick rubber heel so my heels don't hurt when I get home and take them off, my feet don't sweat so badly that my socks are saturated when I get home (sorry for the visual!), and they are easily slipped off to give my feet a stretch when I happen to have a minute to stand still. One vote for clogs!


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I tried wearing clogs but found that after a 12 hour shift my toes were killing me. They would push against the top of the shoe. I think that Nursemates suck and will never buy another pair. I like Reebok DMX Walking shoes.

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I was a Birkenstock devotee for years until I got a pair of Dexter Shoe clogs. They don't specialize in nursey type shoes but the clogs I found are like heaven for my feet, and they look good with a pair of jeans too. They have a website...I'll go look for it.


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easy spirit walking shoes.bout 50 bucks in dept stores..if i wore clogs my shoes would go faster than my feet and i would either end up on my butt or hurting someone.

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