So very discouraged....too many nurses not enough jobs??



I am so discouraged that I cannot even muster up the energy to write this post. I am an LVN and passed my board exam months ago and still cannot get a job! I live in Los angeles and the way the job classifieds look you would think that there are jobs out here but nobody wants a new grad! I have sent out so many applications and have gone to a few interviews that actually gave me the time of day despite my lack of experience and when

I showed up there were many applicants there with years of experience!!

I decided to take a different approch to this problem by accepting the fact that it may be a long time before I get employed as an LVN, so I applied a several places as a CNA in the hopes that maybe I can get my foot in the door and eventually transition into the LVN jobs at the very same place. that didnt work well, as I was told that I was overqualified. On that occasion after the interviers comments I was so desperate I tried to explain that I would wait for the opportunity as an LVN and that I really wanted to work there, she said no. I cried on the way home that day and honestly felt that if I had my diploma in hand I would have ripped it apart!!!

I am so very frustrated. I guess my post isnt really to ask for any advice but just to vent, although any advice is welcome. I know that I am not alone in this dilema and there are probably many of LVNS right now sitting here with the same problem.

BTW I currently work in a unrelated field in sales, a job I took to pay the bills.

Thanks for listening.....


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hi there irish6363,

i'm so sorry to hear this. if it helps, it's the same here in san diego right now. i graduated bsn and thought it'd be a piece of cake to get a job. luckily a good friend of mine graduated six months before me and we learned from her experience.

maybe you could look into smaller, less desirable facilities? get a phonebook and go down the list of hospitals, snfs, home health, hospices, clinics. i even tried stand alone radiology and orthopedic clinics. just call and ask if they hire new grads. you could also volunteer to get around the "over qualified" line but get to know the staff and develop a good reputation. these places look for new hires through promotion first, then through agencies and then through online applicants because they want someone they can trust. you can apply for these agencies for free, and they train new grads. their services are free to you because the hospitals pay them to "filter" the applicants. have you looked out of town?

do not give up, you have earned a wonderful, fulfilling job in this field of service and you will get a chance to prove yourself. i'll be praying for your search.


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Try posting on CareerBuilder. I have gotten several phone calls and e-mail offers since I posted my resume. I am an experienced nurse, but I am having a difficult time getting a job as well. "It's the economy stupid." Don't forget to list any ambitious things you did in HS. I Hired several new nurses due to the ambition they showed while in HS. If they had it there, they can bring it to work as a nurse. I'm not sure how to put that into a resume, that's for the other experts! Goodluck, it will come.

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try outside of la where there are rural areas in need. the desert cities and small towns, for instance, may be in great need of any lvns. i would also look at northern california ltcs (hospitals from what i read on here are not hiring rns let alone lvns). gl!

i wish people (employers) would stop lying about the nursing shortage in vague terms... it is misleading…


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Thanks so much for your words. I am trying to remain optimistic about the situation and the fact that all of you replied helps me to keep the spirits up.


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I live in Massachusetts-Boston area-and my friend who works as a nurse 4 years said this same-no jobs for new grad now at all!! I was surprised, but she blames the economy...lets hope it will get better with time but it is frustrating...they say about nursing shortage but hospitals cut their spending....

maybe try to think about won business like senior home or private nursing home? There is never enough of good care quality...


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I'm an STNA from Columbus. Pretty much the only people who work where I work are LPN/LVN's. I don't know how things operate out in California, but in Ohio, LTC facilities have a hard time holding onto good LPN's. Granted, LTC facilities are not the most desirable places to work, but they get you started somewhere. The reality is, lots of part-time RN's with any experience at all are scrambling to get hours right now. My sister-in-law, a BSN nurse, had to change jobs because they weren't getting her enough hours at her old hospital.


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i am getting scared for what irish has mentioned about the no-job-for-new-graduate-nurse thing,...i am a filipina nurse i went here to california to work as an aupair...i still have until december to work everything on looking for a nursing job..but i am thinking, if an american citizen has having a hard time looking for a nursing job and the more do i?!...:cry::cry::cry:

But everyday i pray hard to keep my faith intact and not to worry about everything,coz i always remember what my mentor used to say to us when we were on a local review for nurses....."If you worry, you didn't pray. If you pray, you don't worry...":) Keep your faith Ms. Irish.....


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Sorry irish. :( You are not alone, I'm sorry to say. I know the depression you feel, I have been contemplating talking to my doctor about anti depressants it's gotten so bad at times. I did get a job recently, although not as a nurse. :( Keep it up, I looked up every single suggestion I could find on this site and made a big list. Then I started down the list. Good luck, I hope something comes up for you soon!


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This situation really stinks. I passed boards in June and still haven't been able to find a nursing job. I tried everyone's suggestions but I still must be doing something wrong. It doesn't help that everyone else is so shocked that I can't find a job. I'm sure everyone else thinks I am doing something wrong. I just don't know what else to do. Just think about all the positive things in your life. That is what I have been doing. I am also thinking of asking for some antidepressants. Good luck to you and everyone else looking for a job!


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Why not try hh or ltc? I know its hard but nursing is evolving to where the hospital is not the main eployers of nurses anymore,and in the future I can see more nurses starting out in hh or ltc.

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