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I was curious as to whether anyone works at a "Smokefree" workplace. In January, my facility will be completely smokefree, NO ONE will be allowed to smoke on any hospital property, anywhere. This also includes visitors and patients, as well as staff. It also means no smoking in your car if youre parked on a hospital owned parking lot.

My hospital is owns 2 other main hospitals and several satellite sites including 2 nursing homes. I just dont know how theyre going to pull this off.

How has everyone, if anyone (staff, Pts, Visitors, Docs) handled this??



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Our hospital has been smoke free since March 1. They offer stop smoking assistance to employees who smoke, and offer patches, etc. to patients.

There is no smoking allowed on hospital property, or on the side of the road adjacent to hospital property.

Employees can be fired if they are caught smoking. Patients are given a warning, then can be discharged if they are caught smoking.

It is wonderful to not be subjected cigarette smoke while walking into the hospital. Also, employee productivity is improved.

I am very thankful!


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I am 'justavolunteer' (at a smoke-free facility). Our location, along with most hospitals in this area, went totally smoke-free last spring. Even us volunteers were told that it applies to us (as well as visitors & staff). The only bad thing I've seen is cigarette butts all over the parking lot. Visitors approach the bldg knowing that the whole property is smoke-free. They have their last few puffs & drop the cigarettes in the parking areas.

There were some cranky staff members when this started, but most people have gotten used to it. The hospitals offered cessation classes & discounts on nicotine patches (I think they're called Nicoderm or something similar).

I don't smoke, so it doesn't bother me. If someone else wants to that's their choice. However, I sure don't miss the smoke around the hospital entrances. I can't stand the stuff.


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Hospitals in my city went smoke free about 3 years ago and they too offered cessation helps to employees. I don't know how far they go to fire employees for not following procedure, but I do know that I see many employees out at the side of the hospital buildings smoking on "public" property; ie- on the side of the road. As a matter of fact, an employee got hit by a car back in March because employees cannot be anywhere on hospital property, so she and a group of people were on the side of the road smoking when a car came over the hill and hit her. I have actually been smoke free now for 5 weeks and counting, so I am happy to know that I won't be one of those who have to go out like that!

I know that there was a big stink when the hospitals first went smoke free, but I think that it is common place now, and people are going to smoke regardless of smoking bans. People will smoke from the parking lot and throw the butts down right before they get into the building. If security doesn't enforce the rule, then it will still be in effect, per se. What I don't care for is seeing patients who are wheelchair bound, hooked up to oxygen, being taken out to smoke by a nurse or aide who is also a smoker. I think that sets a bad image for the hospital. But, that is just my opinion!!


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My hospital just went smoke free. It has encouraged many employees to quit smoking, but there are quite a few who will leave hospital property (or just hide out somewhere) to smoke. I haven't had any problems with patients who smoke, but many of my patients are on bed rest so they wouldn't be able to go smoke anyways. The hospital does give out nicoting patches for staff and patients who smoke.

Now, if only they would give out chantix prescriptions (or if insurance would cover them more often), cuz I hear that's really good at helping people quit smoking, which may end up lowering health care costs.

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Hospitals here went smoke-free 2 years ago. Bumpy at first, now really non-issue.


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Yep, been smoke free for some time now. Love it, now there is no argument to an ER pt when they want to go out and smoke after getting a narc. I jus say this is a non smoking facility. I love not having to cover for smoking nurses. The only thing I've found bad about it is , that when pt's families are waiting for days on end in critical care areas, there is no where for them to go to get rid of stress. They can go off site but many times their loved ones are too sick to even go that far. I think forcing people to go cold turkey at such a stressful time is a bad idea. Other than that it's wounderful:up:

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