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  1. southerngirl67

    Inpatient vs. outpatient dialysis

    I have been an hd nurse for 11 years. I started out in outpt. I am now an acute nurse. I suggest working with chronic patients for a while before you transfer to the hospital. Outpatient units have more resources to train you correctly. Unfortunately, in the hospital you are usually the authority on ESRD patients, esp at night when you are called in to take care of a critical patient. It is very rewarding for me, but most people really love it or hate it. There is no in-between.
  2. southerngirl67

    Smoke Free

    Our hospital has been smoke free since March 1. They offer stop smoking assistance to employees who smoke, and offer patches, etc. to patients. There is no smoking allowed on hospital property, or on the side of the road adjacent to hospital property. Employees can be fired if they are caught smoking. Patients are given a warning, then can be discharged if they are caught smoking. It is wonderful to not be subjected cigarette smoke while walking into the hospital. Also, employee productivity is improved. I am very thankful!
  3. southerngirl67

    protocol for achieving hemostasis

    Tipstops are small round pieces of gelfoam that are attached to foam tape. They are about the size of bandaids and were $1.00 each last time that I checked.
  4. southerngirl67


    We have 2 MD's and a NP. I absolutely love our hospitalists. They are wonderful to work with. They trust us, and we trust them. I am much happier when they are taking care of my patients than when a PCP is in charge.
  5. southerngirl67

    New Grad interviewing in Dialysis

    Glad that I could help. If you need encouragement, let me know!
  6. southerngirl67

    New Grad interviewing in Dialysis

    You are very fortunate to have that much training. Get your feet wet in it before you start reading any materials. The website for American Nephrology Nurses Association might be helpful. I am not sure of the address, but I am sure that you can google it. Good luck! This group of wonderful and sometimes difficult people need good and compassionate nurses to help them. Just remember that they have given up alot of control over their lives. So they do sometimes try to control their nurses. Also, teaching them is very important. They do better if they understand why they are asked to not drink so much, etc. Take time to get to know them. They really appreciate that! It is unlike any nursing that you will ever do, and the relationships can get very complicated. Just remember that you are the provider of care.
  7. southerngirl67

    protocol for achieving hemostasis

    I work in an acute unit. We use tipstops. Unfortunately, they are not usually available in the chronic units. They are cost prohibitive at $1 each. I am not sure that the acute unit that I worked at had any protocols, it was everyone for themselves. I will try to remember to look at our p &p book tomorrow and get back to you.
  8. southerngirl67

    is dialysis less stressful than med surg

    It is very dependent on the unit that you are working at.
  9. southerngirl67

    New Grad interviewing in Dialysis

    You will either love dialysis or you will hate dialysis. I would under no circumstances go into acute care without EXPERIENCE! I have been a dialysis nurse for 10 years. I tried to leave once, but it is an illness or something!
  10. southerngirl67

    protocol for achieving hemostasis

    Acute or chronic?
  11. southerngirl67

    What is the nurse to patient ratio in your facility?

    At our hospital, it is 1:5-6 usually with 1-2 cna's and one unit secretary 7-3 with 1 cna and a secretary 3-11. 11-7 has 1 cna. The same number of nurses with each shift
  12. southerngirl67

    did I or didn't I?

    I promise it will be okay. I have been a nurse for so long that I had to take a test for a day and a half, then I had to wait 6 weeks for my results.
  13. southerngirl67

    Aspiring Nurses: Why not Med School??

    You are comparing apples to oranges
  14. southerngirl67

    Just needing some reassurance

    You are very smart to get out of that situation.
  15. southerngirl67

    what do you all think about 12 hour shifts?

    I personally don't mind 12 hour shifts, but I think 3 in a row should usually be the limit.
  16. southerngirl67

    Violating a Code Status...

    Where I work, it all comes down to the family and the MD. There has to be an order on the chart.