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What is the smallest micro you've taken care of, that had a fair to good outcome? I've always wondered about this ever since my 490 gram daughter was born. She's doing excellent, although she is on the tiny side, but that's just fine with me!

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387 grams


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OMG! That's only 13.6 ounces! Bless that baby's heart!

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What happened to your wee tiny baby of 387 grammes?

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I didn't care for them until they were much bigger but our unit had two really small ones almost at the same time, one was a 24 weeker at 350gms. One was the survivor of 23 week twins at 343. They both went home but . . . The follow-ups we hear are what one would expect. They both experienced all the complications; NEC, ROP, PVL.

Our unit has had several infants

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9 oz is 255g and 10 is 283g so somewhere in between!

I'm not sure what happened to the 387grammer. He grew into a chronic, was off and on nitric, and last I heard was transferred out a stepdown facility that takes stable chronics.


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276 grams. Of course it depends on what a person views as a fair to good outcome. If you work in the NICU, you know that's a very relative thing. :(

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How true littleneoRN. Sometimes it's best if the baby dies. I used to not think that until I started working in the NICU. Now I see what they go through and the outcomes if they survive and it's not always pretty. I've seen several 23 and 24-weekers with bad outcomes (NEC, PVL, ROP). We currently have a former 24-weeker who's doing awesome. She's term now and has never had any incidences of NEC, no bleeds, no ROP. That doesn't happen very often at all.

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