Single mom going to nursing school. Is it possble?


Hello. I have lurked here a little to see what I could learn and I have learned a lot. I do have a degree in Marketing already so I have most of my core out of the way. I am a single parent with a nine (soon to be ten) year old. I have a house and a car. Is it possible to go back to school full time with grants/scholarships/loans? I have heard that the local hospital will pay for nursing school (not sure yet what all they do pay) if you work there for two years after graduation. I could sell my house. I am not really crazy about that idea, but I can do it. I could get a less expensive apartment I suppose. I could work some during school too. I doubt seriously I could live in an oncampus apartment with a child too.

I have been reading too about nurses having to work during non school hours too. That worries me a little. I guess I should try not to worry about that right now!! I could meet someone too so my singleness may not be forever!! My exhusband does live about two hours away so he is not readily available to help.

Any advice/help is greatly appreciated. Thank you and I hope I posted this in the right place :nuke:

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Yes, it's possible. I had two boys in their early teens when I started school. I worked in a grade school for the first year, so I had the same vacations. The next year I didn't work until spring, then I was an aide at the local hospital. I did that until graduation.

I was able to live with grants/student loans/small scholarships, and some child support and spousal support. I kept my house, it was stability for the boys. They also qualified for food stamps. They didn't like to be with me when I used them, but had no problems eating the food that I bought!

Good luck! It's a lot of work, but worth it in the end.

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It is possible. Like anything else, you have to want it because it won't be easy. I started RN school when my son was 3 months old! I was a single parent, so I received all the financial aid/assistance (incl. housing, food, child support, etc.) that I could get! I was blessed enough to not even HAVE to work, and had enough support to help with care for my son. It sounds as if you even have bonuses because you don't have to worry about an infant, and your ex-husband is near and supportive. I am always the RN advocate, and encourage anyone who has a desire to become one, too. It will be a struggle, but for the boundless opportunities afforded you, it is worth it!

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Thank you so much!! I filed some financial aid papers yesterday and the admissions papers too. Eep!! We will see. I really don't want to have to work while going to school. Time will tell. I guess I actually have to be admitted before applying for scholarships, etc.

Thanks again!!


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ABSOLUTELY!!! I am a single mother of two going into my third semester of nursing school at a community college. I sat and talked to my high priced ass kids (ages 7 and 9) and told them, the only name brand they will wear for the next 2 years is Wal-Mart. I do not have any support from the father's except 368 that my daughter gets from disability from her dad. Needless to say I have worked two part time jobs while in school and managed to keep my apartment and car, BY THE GRACE OF GOD!! I have maxed out my loans for the next two semesters so I can concentrate on my studies and get done. My kids have suffered me being absent but they understand what I am trying to do is for them. I have traded my old car in for a 2005 Chevy Equinox, but the note is still the same as the car. I too prayed for God to send me a helpmate while I was in school but He is the best provider in the world, you have to take Him at His word and trust He will do just what He said He would do and what you asked for. Everything I asked for He provided, you just got to learn to lean, trust and depend on Him and Him alone, He will see you through!! Good luck and God Bless.


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I was single with 3 kids and no support money or time from my ex. I took classes while the kids were in school. took me 5 years for prereqs and the RN program. I did not work but kept the kids in sports until the last semester. I told them we would have to sacrifice somethings so I could go to school and they were great. It took almost 5 years to pay the loans off after graduating but it is worth it all.

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You absolutely can do it. Being a mom makes you more organized and you can prioritize better than most. These are some of the skills you will need during shcool to get through. It will be tough but you can do it. It is worth it. Good luck


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Anything is possible if you set your mind to it!


I am a single mom, too, and my daughter is about your child's age. I work full-time at night at our local hospital and go to school in the mornings, sleep midday and spend my evenings before work with her. My local hospital offers the same kind of scholarship you describe (it pays for all tuition and books, but not housing or any other stipend) and I'm hoping for news I'll be getting one in the next week or so.

I don't do loans - it's a long story but a medical crisis precipitated an even bigger financial crisis for my family a few years ago and I just don't do anything that I can't pay cash for anymore. I drive a crappy car and I don't have a house payment - I moved in with my parents and pay them a set amount plus take turns buying groceries for the four of us and cover my other expenses (phone, car insurance, storage, that kind of thing). I applied for the free lunch program at school for my daughter and that helped. There have been a lot of sacrifices in my personal life (I really don't have a life outside of school, work and my child), but I want to be a nurse more than anything, second only to my desire to be a good mother to my daughter, so I know it is worth it.

All I can say is good luck and you'll always have a listening ear here if you need it!



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Yes it is possible. I have two boys, age 17 and 12 and I am entering my fourth semester of nursing school. I also work full time as a tech in the ICU/CCU every weekend Fri,Sat,Sun 12 hour shifts. It can be done. I lost my mom in a horrible car accident my first semester and I kept going. God gives us strength in the most difficult times in our lives. There have been days where I am like "Why am I doing this?" I really don't get to spend that much time with my boys as I would want. I feel this is the worst part of going to school. You have to learn that a clean house everyday is not possible and that no child or adult for that matter has died or suffered irreversible harm from eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner most nights of the week. I just get through it one semester at a time and you can too. Good luck!:wink2:


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I was single mother when I went to Nursing school. My son was 2 years old at the time and because I had family help, they made it possible for me to go to Nursing school while working at a club cocktail waitressing on the weekends to pay the bills. I did go to a community college for my degree. Going to a community college made going to nursing school a lot less stressful due to the low cost of attending a community college. At the end I got my associates degree in nursing, which allows you to become an RN. I landed a great job, was able to take care of myself and my son with no problems and to top it all off, I did not have to take out a loan or need any financial assistance. After getting my RN job, the hospital I worked for paid for my bachelors degree in Nursing. Absolutely nothing came out of my pocket. Now I have a bachelor degree, and debt free. I am now considering a Masters since my hospital will be paying for that as well.

My belief is it does not matter what your situation is, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Of-course, I was fortunate to have family assisting when I needed a sitter and I truly believe that the grace of god has paved the road for my accomplishments. All you really need is the will, desire, and the guts to just go for it..

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Wow! I had forgotten I had posted this =) I did it! I graduated last month and am awaiting a date for nclex. Thank you so much!


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Congratulations to you! What an awesome accomplishment. Good luck on your NCLEX!

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