Single Mom, how can I get help with Expenses while in Nursing School?

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I am still in the process of taking my pre-reqs but i am concerned that Financial Aid and Loans may not cover all my expenses:

Child Care

Rent ($400 i rent a room)

Those are my main expenses. Confused and worried, any help or guidance?

Some states have child care assistance. You just fill out an application at the welfare office and verify you are going to school.

You may also want to check with your academic adviser. They may be able to point you in a couple of directions and get you going. There are a lot of schools out there that offer assistance, it's finding the starting point that can be tough! :-)

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Check with your local workforce office, whatever it's called where you are. Many states have programs that can help with child care if you're in school or working.

Thanks everyone! I have heard of such programs, but have yet to inquire. I will begin my search with assistance now. Don't want to have loose ends if and when the time comes.

Ashleym9831: what school did you get accepted too? I'm in southern California.

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If you attend a public college, you should be able to take out more loans and aid than the cost of the school. You can use the excess for living expenses.

TANF. This is welfare, food stamps, medical and childcare. It has been a blessing to me since my husband left me last year while taking prereqs. A huge burden has been lifted from me because I can at least afford food for my 3 children and keep gas in my car.

If your kids are under age 5, you can get WIC if you are low income. This pays for milk, cheese, juice and some other stuff.

I also work as a CNA. I don't earn a lot of money but it is good to have some coming in.


PS I'm in NorCal, so the things I mentioned should apply to you, too.

This is a federal program that is supposed to be renewed every year. Nursing Scholarship Program

Hopefully you could get approved for the scholarship for the years you are in! It is need based!

I know a lot of students have to move back in with their parents because they cannot afford to pay rent.

How old are your kids? When mine were little I went to a college that had a great campus preschool. The staff was awesome - they were all early childhood ed majors. Also it had a sliding scale based on income and based on my income I paid zero!

Your local dhhs will be a great benefit to you. Also check into your school and see if they have any programs for childcare

Thank you vintagemother

This is my first time going back to school and doing it Full Time. Just never had the opportunity since I've had to work my entire life so far. I just felt like I'm on my own and have to do everything on my own, it's really scary, especially now.

Thank you so much for the advice!


haha My parent's haven't been around since I was 11. One passed away, the other got lost after.

In anycase, I have moved in with my brother, but rent is not free. I'm trying to work work work and save money, but it's just not adding up. : (

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