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I took my NCLEX PN yesterday. I have been sick since. I had 85 questions and I am scared to death. I did extremely well in school but I felt like an idiot when I tested. I did all of the reviews and felt pretty good walking in but when the computer shut off I wanted to scream.....I am only the second person from my class to take it....the first one passed. I can't seem to stop checking the BON website or the pearsonvue website.....nothing yet. The suspense is literally driving me crazy!!!! I felt like I guessed a lot of the questions!!! HELP


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hi nurse@heart, wishing you positive results with your NCLEX.

God bless you! :)


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Thank you soooo have no idea how much that means!!!!!


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you're most welcome :) try to read other entries here and you'll find that you're not alone.. have a wonderful day/night nurse@heart. ;)


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I know waiting on your results is tough, but if you only had 85 questions, you more than likely passed. I was also in your same position not long ago, I graduated top of my nursing class and when I was sitting there at that computer taking the exam, I felt like a total idiot! And when the computer shut off at 85 I almost burst into tears. I drove my husband crazy for the next couple of days until I got my passing results. So how you are feeling right now is normal, try not to worry too much because it is out of your hands right now. Best of luck to you & let me know how you did when you get your results.

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You sound completely normal. Very few of us feel good after leaving NCLEX and most of us freak.

Relax, be good to yourself. The waiting is hard enough without torturing yourself.

Good luck!


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I took the PN In September. had 85 questions, it was rough, the wait is what makes you question yourself. Be good to yourself, I just know you passed! No doubt about it.

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