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  1. HollyUTM

    I need Help

    I am a LPN. If you are looking for the scope of practice for a LPN, try going to www.tennessee.gov, and then following the links to get to the nursing forum to find it. I can tell you what all I do but this might be more beneficial. If I can be any help, please let me know.
  2. HollyUTM

    Question on your facility..

    Hi all! Just a quick question. I am a LPN from TN; I recently moved to Nashville and have taken a position on a Medical Floor. I finished up the initial orientation today, and finally on Monday I get to go to my floor, for yet more orientation. But, today in orientation, both RN's and LPN's had to be checked off on certain skills before we get to our floor. The skill was IV therapy. So, on this dummy arm, I started an IV, BETTER than the RN's, even told one of them tips because he went in at a 90 degree angle. And the Nurse Educator signed all of us off on the skill. There is a place on the sign off sheet that says "request to attend class", I was the only LPN, and she checked that on mine, but no one elses, not even on the 90 degree angle fellow. It took me off guard, as I am excellent at this skill and at my last hospital, when there was a hard stick that no one could get, I, yes me, I was the person that was called to do it. And now, I'm getting told to attend a class. Why? I asked the nurse educator that, and she said it was because I was JUST a LPN and that most LPN's did not have experience in this field. I replied that I had quite a bit of experience in it, as Since being licensed, which has only been since Sept. that I do them pretty much routinely. She stated, that they required all LPN's to do it, and I'm very much offended. Why me, when I can successfully complete a skill and not this RN who can't? Is this routine at other facilities that LPN's must do that? At my last facility, ALL nursing staff had to show that they were competent on it and be checked off on it, and then they were free to go on alone. Which brings me to my next question. Starting IV's is something that LPN's are taught in school, right? Hanging blood, is not! But at this facility, they make LPN's hang blood, something that my cirriculum didn't even touch, yet they won't let me do something that I am adequately trained for? Am I overreacting, or is this just stupid? Why would you keep someone from doing what they are trained to do, JUST because they're an LPN, yet let them do something they have NO clue about. Is hanging blood by LPN acceptable at your facility? And at your facility, are PCTs allowed to: insert foley's, give enemas, or change feeding tube bags out? They are at this one, and I have never heard of such. I even worked as a PCT and never heard of that. I'm sorry that this is so long. Any insight will be much appreciated, thanks! Holly
  3. HollyUTM

    Best Nashville Hospitals?

    Hi, I just moved to Nashville, I am a new LPN, only been licensed since last Sept. I applied at Centennial, Vanderbilt, Skyline, Southern Hills, St. Thomas, and Baptist. I got hired on at St. Thomas, and start there on Monday. Can't really tell you anything about the hospitals because I haven't began working yet, but I can say that I was very impressed with St. Thomas because of their friendly caring nature. It was really nice to feel welcomed. Just thought I'd put some names out there for you to check into, don't really know anything else about em. Just thought maybe you needed the names of some, they all have pretty good websites. Just curious what did it mean when you said that centennial was hca? Don't want to sound silly, but I have heard someone else say that and I don't know what that is or means? Thanks! Holly
  4. HollyUTM

    How did you obtain your 1st LPN position?

    I recently took moved to Nashville, and without experience no one was calling me back either. I got discouraged, then again, I am relatively impatient and hate to not be working so what only took about one - one and a half weeks to find a job felt like an eternity. In any case, I put in applications online and no one ever called me about those. So, I finally just went in to their human resources dept. I put in applications AGAIN. Then, I would just call and call until someone talked to me. I realized they are busy, but I could be taking a position off their hands if they'd give me the time of day. In any case, I got fed up with leaving msgs and never getting a return call, and so I would just call and call until they were finally in their office and answered. When I did finally get to talk to someone, they scheduled me an interview for the very next day; I got offered a job the day of my interview, and things are going fine. Just be persistent. Again, it only took me about a week and a half, but when you're unemployed it seemed like forever. My advice, be persistent, put in applications EVERYWHERE, and follow up on them, make sure they got into the right person's hands, and if you're having problems with people calling you back, I'd go into the office if you had the time, just to say I filled out an application and never heard anything back, I was just curious as to if anyone had had a chance to look at it or if I could schedule a time to talk with someone, etc. I wish you the best, don't get discouraged, soon they'll all be calling, and you'll be back here asking what job to take!
  5. HollyUTM

    Question about getting the first job

    Hi there! I am from Tennessee; I graduated in September of 04. I found that it was fairly easy to get my first job. I already worked at a hospital as a CNA, and I just began working at that same facility when I graduated. So that really doesn't count. I moved in December to Nashville, which is MUCH bigger than what sort of hospitals that I am used to. I found that it was easy to get a job here, too. Even without experience. I moved on January 15, had an interview on January 24 and was hired that day. I start my job this next week ( had to delay that due to orientation availability at the facility). The best advice I can give for starting to look for a job is to just apply everywhere; someone WILL call you back! And be persistent. If you are going to apply at a big hospital, remember that they get A LOT of applications on a daily basis, and being a new grad. you're probably not going to be the first person that they look at as far as qualifications go. But if you are persistent, as in calling back after putting in an application just to check the status and whatnot, it shows true interest in the position. The best thing you can do is just touch base by putting in an application with SEVERAL hospitals, agencies, nursing homes, whatever your preference, and then following up on those applications. It shows that you are truly interested and enthusiastic. I hope this helps a little. Also, I do not know whether Cali. is part of the compact licensure Act or not. My license says Multistate on it, so I can work in any state that is in the Compact (I think, atleast). I found this web page, maybe it will help http://www.ncsbn.org/nlc/index.asp and also, here is the list of states in that compact http://www.ncsbn.org/nlc/rnlpvncompact_mutual_recognition_state.asp I hope this helps, I might not have answered any of your questions but merely confused you more. Sorry this is so long. Holly
  6. HollyUTM


    I worked a Geri-Psych unit before I recently moved. A lot of my patients who were severely impaired due to Alzheimer's got this medication, as their minds would not calm down enough for them to sleep at night. I have had a patient before though, have an order written for Trazodone ( cannot remember the dosage) at 2100, may repeat x1 before two o'clock. And that patient, got the scheduled dose and the PRN repeat, still he was up walking the halls and getting into elderly women's beds screaming for Doris, lol. In my experience with it, it normally knocks people out, but not this fella. In answer to your question, the only thing I've ever give it for was sleep.
  7. HollyUTM

    New nurse, needs advice

    Hi all! I have a decision to make and am slightly torn. I have been offered a job with St. Thomas Hospital in Nashville. I can choose which floor I want to work on as they have opening on both. One is a general medicine floor and the other a renal/diabetic floor. I initially said that I wanted the renal/diabetic, but I think I may be changing my mind. The nurse manager of the renal diabetic floor said that they stayed a million times busier than the medical floor. I think I may be jumping in too deep, too fast. I think all new nurses ought to have some medical floor experience. Any ideas or suggestions on the position in which I can take. Thanks for all your input. Holly
  8. HollyUTM

    Work at St. Thomas Hospital?

    Thanks for the reply!
  9. HollyUTM

    Work at St. Thomas Hospital?

    Just curious if anyone here worked at St. Thomas Hospital in Nashville? I got hired on there yesterday. Just curious!
  10. HollyUTM

    Misdemeanor affect RN licensure?

    I'm not too sure of whether it would or not. I am a LPN, but a lady from the board of nursing spoke to our nursing class while she was at our school observing or something, and one of my fellow students asked about that same thing. They hadn't a DUI, but had something on their record. The lady told us that if they could withhold a license for certain reasons. I remember her specifically saying bad checks. She said that my classmate needed to be exonerated of those charges ( I think that's the word atleast, sorry bout the spelling, it might be wrong) My classmate never did anything about it though and yes she has a license now. So, I dunno. I would suggest maybe visiting the board of nursing website, it might tell ya something. Hope I helped! Holly
  11. HollyUTM

    Baptist, Memphis, Nurses

    In that case, let it be said, that I did not work for Baptist in memphis. I worked for Baptist out of the one in Memphis, but for a VERY small facility in Ripley, TN before moving last weekend to Nashville, TN
  12. HollyUTM

    Baptist, Memphis, Nurses

    I worked for Baptist. Right before quitting, like a month or two before, we had flyers all over our nurses stations and also a staff meeting about implementing a Medical Response Team. I can say that I've never had to use it, as I worked on a psych unit and we rarely had anything medical emergency wise come up, but I know, as a new nurse, I very much appreciate knowing that on nights ( which is what I worked) that they are there. At our facility, when you paged them, a respiratory therapist and house supervisor came. Of course, on our unit we already had a charge nurse and another LPN (myself). There might have been more people that come, but I can remember just those two. I worked at a VERY small hospital though. Just letting you know, that I think it is a good thing, especially for new nurses, it helps to make them feel comfortable knowing that they won't have to go into a sticky situation alone. Hope that helps.
  13. HollyUTM

    No luck in Nashville

    After what seems like an eternity (ok, being way dramatic here) Maxim has called me back, does anyone here work for them, or know anything about them really? I just saw the opening on careerbuilder.com and applied, and to my surprise they called like ten mintues later. If anybody knows anything about that agency, please let me know. Thanks all, and thanks for your support. Holly
  14. HollyUTM

    No luck in Nashville

    I recently ( this past Saturday) moved to Nashville, and am having a terrible time trying to find a job in a hospital. I've talked to Centennial, Skyline, Vanderbilt, Baptist, and St. Thomas. But no one is returning my calls or calling me back after I go in to fill out an application. Is it that I'm having such a hard time finding a job due to being a LPN? or is it that I'm not experienced? I'm out of ideas and terribly flustered. Maybe someone could tell me where to go from here?? I'd appreciate it, or maybe someone will know about openings at their facility? In any case, thanks for letting me vent. Holly
  15. HollyUTM

    Help! Where do I start?

    Thanks so much for your advice. I plan to live in Ashland City, that is where my fiance is from. It's not that I am intimidated by large hospitals, it is merely that I am from a VERY small town, and didn't know much about the hospitals in Nashville ( as to who hires new grad LPN's, etc) That's all. I really look forward to my move; I feel that I will love it there. I work at a hospital now that only has a Geri-Psych Unit, Med-Surg, Emergency Room, and Outpatient Surgery Unit ( all they do is colonoscopies, truth be told). Just didn't know where to start, thanks you guys! Holly
  16. HollyUTM

    Help! Where do I start?

    I'm from a small town ( very small town) in West, TN. We don't even have fast food, and I am moving with my fiance on January 15 to Nashville. I have absolutely no idea where to start looking for a job at, the hospitals are huge. I have gone online and looked, but just wondering if anyone had a good idea of a good place to get started at in nashville. I am also a new grad LPN, only been licensed since Oct. If anyone would just point me in the right direction and toward the right hospital, I'd be much obliged. Thanks!