Should I go out of State?


Hey everyone!

I'm currently a high school student in California.

I plan on going into nursing but am worried about having to go into universities as a pre-nursing major because I hear nursing schools are significantly more impacted in California than in other states for some reason.

Is it true that nursing schools are more impacted in California?

And if so, which out of state universities(preferably public to cut costs) should I be looking at that aren't as impacted?

I've asked my counselors but just wanted some opinions from nurses.

thanks :]

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Louisiana isn't impacted. RNs are finding work as soon as they graduate (at least that's what I've witnessed). And the nursing schools do not have excessive waiting lists.

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Out of state gets pretty pricey, but if CA is as impacted as everyone says, it seems worth it. I live in Columbus, OH and the nursing schools can be competitive, but from what I've seen, new grads are getting jobs fairly quickly.

Oh, adding good schools:

Ohio State University

Mount Carmel College of Nursing

Ohio University

Capital University

Thanks for the suggestions!

And btw, do you happen to know if I will be able to practice in California as a nurse if I get my license in Ohio or another state?

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If you get your license in another state, yes, you can practice in California. You will just need to go through the process of obtaining a California nursing license.

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You can get your license in any state.

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You "hear" things all the time. You need to actually get real information from actual universities. What you "hear" isn't evidence and you need to forget this board and talk with actual staff at schools you would like to attend. There are no guarantees to get into nursing school.