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I have yet to find a real comfortable pair of nursing shoes. I have been wearing Nikes because I have high arches, but I was wondering what everyone else wears. I have heard birkenstocks are good, but I am afraid to spend all of that money and find out I dont like them!:confused:


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Rockport ProWalkers. New pair every 6 months.

Haven't tried Birkenstock because my feet are narrow and they would fall off. I have high arches too.

Do a search on shoes here and you'll see a lot of suggestions.

I love SAS (San Antonio Shoes) "Freetime" shoes so much, I would even do a commercial for them. LOL! I am serious. They look like tennis shoes and come in white, black & brown colors. Each pair last me about 2 years- my feet feel like a million bucks, and don't hurt even after the 13-14 hour shifts. Well worth the $100/pair. Try them on sometime & see what you think- like walking on clouds.


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SAS shoes are wonderful!! my feet do not hurt with these...definetly worth the $100!!!

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I tried Birks but couldnt wear them ( still have them and selling both pairs) I found that the Merrels are a great shoe!

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I like my Avia Walkers a whole lot. they are VERY comfy when spending so much time on my feet!


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I also like Merrells, and I have a pair of Skechers that are super comfy. I also have high arches...



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Love my Merrells!!! They last forever and you can wash them without having any problems. Great investment for work or play. Oh lord, I sound like a commercial.....LOL Love my Nike too.

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I'm a CNA, and I dont make that much, so it is just the cheap white ones for me. My feet are killing me, but oh well . . . lol. I have 2 pairs, and i alternate them so that they dont get too sore. I want to get some white Sketchers too. I have like 2 other pairs of sketchers and they are so comfortable.


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I pay about $15 at Payless Shoes.


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I wear Nike Roc-Shox. I wanted the best pair of cross-trainers for my busted up and old feet, and these are them. When I move dynamically on my feet, i believe in giving my feet and, more importantly, my skeleton, all the support i feel i can give. I only wear these shoes at work and to aerobics. I get jeered and acted stupid to from some people because they can't stop talking about my shoes when they see them. It embarrasses me and don't need to hear it. They cost $75. at the Nike factory outlet. I don't care, their cross-trainers are the best for my skeleton.


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Any walking shoes by Reebok work for me.

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