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Okay-- ladies and gents,

What kind of shoes do you prefer and why? Please help a girl out! I just bought some Danskos and they feel really clunky. Does it just take some time to get used to them? I haven't been out on the floor with them yet. I am still in an orientation process where we are getting computer training, etc. I would really appreciate feedback on this. When I did my preceptorship, I wore Sketcher work shoes. By the end of the day, I had serious bone pain in my feet. I am in good shape. I even run. So, I am used to logging miles and being on my feet, but I guess the difference was that I was standing a lot and that was coupled with running for 12 hours straight. I don't know. I just don't want to work 2 twelve hour shifts and then need a whole day to recover. It's crazy. I can't do that foot pain thing again. I'll spend whatever kind of money I need to.

My matter what shoe type you wear, your feet are going to be sore, it will take some time for you to get used to being on your feet like that. I never did wear the danscos, but i worked with nurses who did and their feet still got sore. I am told though if you do get the dancos you should wear them say for 2 hours of your shift.then put your sneakers back on...then say the next day wear the danscos for three hours then change into sneakers again and so on and so me danscos are like starpping 2x4 blocks onto your feet....but i know some nurses they swear by for you its trial and see what you prefer

hope this helps :)

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I love my Dansko clogs! But they did take a while to get used to. Now if I try to wear any other shoes at work my feet ache.

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I wear Sanitas clogs and love them. My feet still hurt sometimes, but the biggest improvement for me was the knee/hip/pain. It was bad with sneakers - much better with the clogs.

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I switch between Danskos (which took a little while to get used to) and sneakers. I can't wear one or the other every shift.

I use asics nimbus gel 14 with the dr. scholls inserts and graded compression socks.

buy real running shoes, they cost 120-200 dollars, but are so worth it. go to a proper running store and get fitted and find out what type of runner you are, then research shoes for that type of foot.

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graded compression socks reduces chances of DVTs, varicose veins and reduces fatigue. make sure they are graded. that means around the calf they should be ~8mm hg, and at the ankle ~15mm hg. higher the mm hg the better. if you can stand 30 or 40. their are cheap ones at walmart 2 pairs for 8 bucks. or at a uniform store you can buy soft cotton spurn ones for 20 bucks. avoid the cheap rough stuff.

often times hikers will wear two pairs of socks. one thin wicking one and one thick cushion pair.

always buy shoes after you have walked 2-4miles, or when your feet are most swollen. its always better to buy a bigger size than a smaller size. your feet expand during the day.

replace your shoes every 400-600 miles. the cushioning wears out, you will develop hot spots. save your feet, unless you want to have chronic foot pain when your in your 60s.

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Clogs do take some getting used to... however, I just recently switched from Sanita clogs to Alegria shoes, and I am LOVING the Alegrias. I bought the Danya professional shoe, but there are a few different styles I've seen nurses wear.

Also, as Weavers metioned, I also wear compression socks. I wear running type shoes once in a blue moon to work (I actually love the Nimbus for running), but I have major arch issues and find that they hurt my arches after a 12 hour shift. Also, I tried wearing "balance ball" toning shoes to work, but the mesh got stained with blood... I like shoes that I can disinfect an wipe off. :)

SPIRA Classic Leather shoes are THE BEST. My feet, knees and hips used to kill me working 12's, until I found these. They are pretty much ugly as sin, but if you don't give a *#(# about looks, you will LOVE these shoes, I guarantee it. They are anywhere from $140-160. I wear black to work now, but I need white shoes to start school in Sept. I hate to spend the $ when I only need them for one day a week, so I might try something else. Curious to see what other people recommend. Oh, I also dislike Danskos...way to hard, and heavy.

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At the hospital I switched between my Danskos, which I really like but do not love, and a good pair of either stability or motion control running shoes. I wore the Danskos when I was on the floor and the running shoes when I was charge. I usually put on more mileage as charge than I did working my little section of the floor and the Danskos were too heavy for that much running back and forth. At my current job, an endoscopy center, where I do equal parts running and standing in one place, I wear the Danskos. I always buy my work shoes 1/2 size larger and ADD a Superfeet insert. That way I've got enough stability for my ankles (I'm very flat-footed) and enough cushion for my feet.

Unfortunately good shoes are expensive and it may take some trial and error for you to find the right shoe/sock/insert combo that works well for you. Just remember, you only get one set of legs and you need them the rest of your life. Take good care of your feet and your legs and they will take good care of you. Good luck!

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​i love my danskos, but they did take some getting used to at first. whatever you do, spend money on good shoes and have two pairs. it takes more than 24 hours for the innards of your shoes to recover from a twelve hour shift, so rotate them.

I probably go against the norm but I like fairly flat shoes. I'm currently wearing a pair by the brand "Scrubs". They are SUPER lightweight and they are one of the few pairs of shoes that don't make my feet hurt. I have Danskos but I just couldn't get the feel for them.

I have dansksos and they do take time to get used to. Some people I work with realllly do not like them because they think they are chunky and because they are loose fitting. I like my danskos and that is the only shoe I wear to work

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