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Share your Job Fair experience...


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Have you been to any job fairs lately? Have a story to share? What worked and what didn't?

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TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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Too cute. . .and so true!

JeanettePNP, MSN, RN, NP

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I have not had good experiences with job fairs. I attend anyway to do my due diligence and not leave any stone unturned. But seeing the long lines of job seekers and unfriendly, condescending recruiters is demoralizing.


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Went to one got a job call before i got home. Went to another and I sounded like a babbling idiot, of course never heard from them.

kalevra, BSN, RN

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IN my experience job fairs I have been to are designed to hire lower level employees usually Secretary, maintenance, medical assistants CNAs and security. Never been to a health related job fair that was looking for an RN or LVN.

My own opinion is if your looking for a low level entry job then that where you go. If you looking for an upper level career like RN, your better off going elsewhere.


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With all due respect, from one RN to another, I find your use of the term " lower level employees" to be condescending.

All departments and disciplines are a necessary and meaningful part of any health care facility.

Like so many, I started my career path as a CNA and I feel that being classified as " low level" is demeaning. CNA's contribute a great deal to our every day routines...with pt/ nurse ratios being what they are...our CNA's are INVALUABLE!!! Their eyes often see things we don't...and I can't count the number of times a pt status or condition has changed and it has been the experience and expertise of our CNA's that has brought it to our, otherwise occupied, attention.

As for maintenance and/or security, these, too, are people that are pivotal to the safe and manageable running of any hospital or healthcare facility.

WE ARE A HEALTHCARE TEAM...and we should respect and value each other as such!

Weemsp, WELL said. There is no such thing as "lower level employees". Everyone makes a difference.

kalevra, BSN, RN

Specializes in ED, Telemetry,Hospice, ICU, Supervisor. Has 5 years experience.

I never said they were useless. In fact, they are very useful. CNAs do make life easier as well as the secretaries and so forth.

I said they were low level. As in where do they fall in the facility hierarchy. Just like how the floor RNs fall below the unit manager or the FLS, you know the person with the ability to fire you. Same as how the Vice President answers to the President/CEO of the hospital.

Don't take it personally, I am merely talking about the organizational structure.We all answer to someone.

I am just stating MY experience with job fairs. They are usually hiring people that fall in the LOWER ECHELONS of of the organizational structure. I haven not seen a job fair that was looking to hire RNs, RTs, PTs, MDs etc. Not to say that it doesnt happen. Just saying from MY OWN experience.

I am not trying to be condescending, I am just being real.

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Went to one and I agree with Jeanette, the ad said new graduates welcome, but it was not true. Did get a lunchbag and a coffee mug, plenty of pens, but no job.

terms such as "entry-level nursing" is much considerable i think