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September 2014


So I took Nclex-RN yesterday. I walked in calm, said a prayer and told myself I was not going to rush through it. Granted, this was my third time going in and sitting for the nclex. The two other times I took it, the first time I received the entire 265 questions, and the second time I received 75. I was not giving up hope to be a nurse, so I studied and studied. I knew yesterday was in God's hands. I told myself to stay strong. The second question I received a SATA, so I took my hand off the mouse and carefully read each answer as if I was answering them T/F. Well, I decided to tally and let me tell you I was not expecting this, but I received 30 SATA questions 😳. I had other alternative format (drag and drop, a cardiac rhythm strip, an image) but 0 drug calculations. Test shut off after 75 questions. I had priority, follow up, conference, and infection control questions. Since this was my third time taking it, I felt confident leaving the testing center, since I didn't feel the questions I had this time compared to how they were the past two times. I am NOT doing the PVT. I have read that they updated the website, and now you have to enter your cc information no matter what. Besides, it killed my mood the last time. I am waiting it out for quick results or until is see my name on the BON page (hopefully I passed!) my advice to everyone taking the nclex is NEVER give up on yourself and your dreams. You got through nursing school, you can get through nclex.

Beautifully said. Never give up! Praying your name and license shows up on the BON list soon! You got this.

Congrats new RN.


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Kudos to you for your sound advice! Never give up! As dbrenda says "you got this"!!!!

I PASSED!!!! just got my results! i am officially a REGISTERED NURSE!! thank you, god!!!!!!

Congrats dear good luck to all of us !!!

thats awesome! i take it soon and im freaking out

Can I ask you...what did you use to study?

Good luck to you! Stay strong through it and try and stay calm! definitely take your time with each question. I winded up just taking my hand off the mouse with each question, and reading everything carefully.

I used online Hurst Review, the 35 page study guide thats floating around on here, LaCharity PDA, and a TON of questions (I used the NCLEX Mastery app on my iPhone, and an app called Nclex Pro) both were decent. Try and get in the habit of SATA questions just in case. I was never good at them in nursing school, but i had a ton on Nclex. Just dont lose hope in yourself while taking it! you got this!

Congrats! I retook my NCLEX-RN today too after failing the first time with 265 questions. This time It shut off at 85. A lot of SATA and prioritizing. Now the wait to hopefully see my name on the BON is going to kill me!


does your state do quick results? If so you could do that, or you may wind up like me and before your 48hrs of waiting for the quick results, your name and license number shows up on the BON website. I will keep my fingers crossed for you! :)

And just a reminder to anyone who views this, as of this date, you will not get the "pop up" with PVT. You have to enter your CC information beforehand, and then if it doesn't continue on with charging your account, there will be at the top of the page in red letters the whole "our records indicate..." so, its no longer a pop up, and their whole website has been switched around! Good luck to all the nursing students, new grads, and nclex takers out there!


Im in CA and no they don't participate in quick results and not wanting to ruin my mood with trying the new pvt if it's not 100% so for now just enjoying not having to study for that awful test!


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Congrats RN!

I know people are saying that pvt doesn't work anymore, but did you try it anyways? My state doesn't participate in quick results so I've been trying to sumbit my payment and it still will not let me. The Red triangle with an exclamation point and "our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam blah blah blah" & I took my exam on 9/4/14


I did not try the PVT. I didn't want to risk losing $200. But if yours is not letting you proceed to continue with submitting your payment & it's saying "our records indicate..." Then this is pretty much similar to the PVT's old pop up! So it is more than likely a good sign. Good luck!

So my curiosity and anxiety was killing me today and I decided to try the trick.... I'm getting the good pop up! I can't believe it! Now I just have to wait for CA BRN to hurry up! This definitely makes my weekend!

From the caring4you website the new PVT is that it will always take you to the CC page but if you passed it will not charge your card. The way they said to get around paying and still checking is to use a closed account cc or put in a wrong #. If it says the transaction was not completed due to an error on your card you failed the test because it means they tried to charge your card. If it says anything else than that...you passed. Good luck everyone and congrats again Pdanne01, RN.