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  1. ETT_8.0

    Wayne State CRNA 2018

    Has anyone heard back about admission decisions? I saw from a few years back they were making phone calls to those admitted, but wasn't sure if that was still the process. The wait of not knowing if you're in or not is brutal! Haha
  2. ETT_8.0

    TWU CRNA 2018

    Awesome to see all the acceptances nationwide! I also was selected to interview for the Colton location. Been studying a lot of CCRN material as I see people who have interviewed in person have been mentioning they have had clinical heavy interviews (wish I was one of the fortunate ones to get a telephone/Skype interview haha!). Any individuals have their interview for the Colton site yet? How was your interview?
  3. ETT_8.0

    Wayne State CRNA 2018

    Also patiently (and nervously) waiting for decisions from them í ½í¸¥
  4. I recently worked on a group project for our ICU to make staff aware of real life bully situations in the workplace. We found great resources on the AACN website to address cases like these. The best way to handle this situation is to pull the physician aside where you can address your concerns to him. If you are unable to speak with him one on one, then escalate it to your nursing leaders as appropriate. Bottom line, no one should have to deal with bullying at the workplace. Best of luck! Here is the link of the resources we used from the AACN website. Bullying in the Workplace: It Harms More Than the Bullied - AACN
  5. ETT_8.0

    Cedars-Sinai New Grad Program November 2014

    I'm also curious on how many are being interviewed for this third round. I just got an email inviting me back and I'm curious what are the chances of getting accepted to the program.