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ILUVFLRN has 3 years experience and specializes in Operating Room.

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    OR to ER -Is this possible??

    Thank you all for the insightful advice. I have applied for a position with my current employer in hopes of getting an interview based on my reputation. I love the OR and the surgical team I work with but am planning on furthering my education and pursue a career as a CRNA. Problem - most universities require at least one year experience in a critical care environment prior to applying. Keeping my fingers crossed that I get a stroke of good luck. Thanks again for the advice and well wishes.

    OR to ER -Is this possible??

    I have been a OR circulating nurse for three years and am considering transferring to a Level 1 trauma center with the hopes of securing a position in the Emergency Room. The problem is the job openings I have applied to require at least 1 year experience in an ER setting. Any suggestions as to what I can do to get an employer's attention and consider my experience in the OR? Thank you!

    when to give up trying to pass

    I, too, suffer from test anxiety. Went to therapy for a few years which helped me gain my confidence back and improve my test taking strategies but after failing NCLEX (received the entire 265 questions), I was distraught and went to see a hypnotist who specialized in anxiety disorders. After a few sessions, I rescheduled the exam, continued to study 3-4 hours per day, attended a Kaplan classroom-based course and passed NCLEX on the 2nd attempt with 76 questions. I felt much more relaxed, didn't have "butterflies" in my stomach and was able to focus better the second time around - hypnosis worked for me. Tell your husband not to give up. Good luck.

    tampa nurses new grad

    I am a RN in So. Florida and make $26/hour (hired and trained as a new grad last year). I love everything Florida has to offer - great weather, beautiful beaches and a laid-back life style which may take same time to get used to if you are from a big city (I am originally from NYC). I recently relocated from an area in Central Florida on the East Coast known as "The Space Coast". It is a wonderful place to raise a family. Check out this fairly new town - Viera, FL. Quite a few of it's residents work in the Aerospace Industry (NASA, Harris, Norththrop Grumman and Rockwell Collins all call the area home) and a new hospital as well as shopping malls, restaurants and schools have been recently built to accommodate the fast growing population. I left after graduating with my BSN and relocated to So. Florida to procure work in a large city. I love the casual life-style and am thrilled to call Florida "home". Best of luck to you and I hope to welcome you to the sunshine state!

    Adn moving to san fran

    Butterflykissesxo - Suggestion: apply as soon as possible for your California license - it can take 6-8 weeks to actually get it. I am sure you have heard the job market in San Francisco is very competitive. If you do not have at least 2 years of RN experience, it can take a very long time, if luck is on your side, to get an interview. As a new grad with a BSN, I was unsuccessful in obtaining employment in the SF Bay area. After six months of applying to every RN job (hospital, LTC facility, nursing home, per diem, agency, etc.) I relocated to my home state and secured a position immediately in a perioperative training program. Best of luck to you!

    ICU to OR?

    I am currently in the OR and was hired as a new grad for a perioperative training program (6 months). The hospital required a three year commitment after the completion of the program (I signed a binding contract). I heard many negative comments about the OR environment (you will lose your bedside nursing skills, it's so stressful and high paced, the doctors are nasty, etc.) but I truly enjoy working with a team of very talented and dedicated surgeons, techs, etc. In 10 months, I have learned so much and presently believe this is the best place for me. Good luck to you.
  7. The university I attended had hundreds of applicants for their nursing program and were very selective as to who was accepted - only 120 seats (which included the accelerated BSN program as well). Most of my fellow colleagues were A/B+ students (prerequisites) - the university required a minimum 3.0 GPA for consideration. Good luck to you!

    Average Work Week For a Nurse

    In the OR M-F 8hours/day - on call 2 times/week (4 hours OT/per call).

    took NCLEX twice and failed, help

    Never give up - I battled test anxiety throughout primary and secondary school as well as college. I invested in Kaplan's classroom based NCLEX RN review after graduation which guaranteed "you pass or receive a full refund." The instructor coached me and boosted my self-confidence which eliminated any apprehension I had regarding NCLEX. I was able to focus and look at test taking differently - I was no longer intimidated by NCLEX and when I sat for the exam, I passed with 76 questions. You'll get through this - just keep trying. Best of luck to you!


    Miami - Speciality $26/hr base

    nclex help

    Never give up. You have come this far - you will pass. Good luck to you!

    I just passed my NCLEX

    Congrats RN!

    Career advice- From medsurg to...?

    So true! I accepted an OR position as a new grad and work with many seasoned RNs from med/surg, ER, L&D, etc. Most have no desire to return to bedside nursing - reason being nurse to patient ratio and the work schedule. I don't plan on spending my entire career in the OR - I like change - but for now, where I am, is fine by me. Although I don't have any basis for comparison as OR nursing is all I know, I do enjoy going to the OR every day and working with such a skilled surgical team. I also make a few dollars more per hour than my fellow nursing school grads. Good luck to you whichever route you choose!

    PVT bad pop-up... Help plz

    Kaplan classroom based NCLEX RN review worked for me. After completing the course, I had a much better understanding of NCLEX and passed the test with 76 questions.
  15. Once - 76 questions. I attended a Kaplan classroom based NCLEX RN review. 21 hours of instruction and they guarantee you pass or you receive a full refund. It was well worth the initial investment.
  16. Thanks for the heads-up NickiLaughs - I think I'll head back to Florida where I went to nursing school. There seems to be more new grad opportunities on the other coast!