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Is there any other company that has a program like senior bridge?

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senior bridge to what?

Who knows? Can you please be more specific, provide a link, or something?

Sorry. Senior bridge is a subsidiary of Humana that hires care managers for their elderly patients. I am looking for another company that contracts nurses to provide the same service.

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Which area geographically? In Louisiana Peoples Health (Medicare administrator) is doing a major expansion and hiring like crazy.

People's health does not have independent care managers. They have in house people.

Specializes in Critical Care, ED, Cath lab, CTPAC,Trauma.

so you are looking for a case management position?

Check directly with some LTC insurance companies. That would likely be the best suited competitor...otherwise is it s total private pay business. Senior Bridges charges the family $150/hr for an RN or SW Care Manager.

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You can be an Independent network care manager for Humana and work for yourself. It's NOT THE PRIVATE PAY PART OF SENIORBRIDGE. As long as you haven't worked as a subcontractor agency as a care manager for Seniorbridge/ Humana in the last 6 mths you can work as an Independent network care manager. I love it!!! Make my own hours and can accept the members I want to accept. You will get a 1099 at the end of the year doing it this way, but make a lot more money that working for an agency. If you work directly for a seniorbridge it is private pay and they don't have offices in ALL LOCATIONS. On the other hand Humana has presence in most states and that is considered the network contractor. Hope this helps.

Go to the bottom of the website I listed and click on the cmnnetwork link.

Does anyone know anything about C and S Staffing or Acuity Healthcare solutions that hire for Field Care Managers for Humana?

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