Semesters Over!!!!


well..finally its over...first semester,got my passing grades..time to have a drink and party...for only 3 weeks anyway (blah)...feels like i went through a war..drained,mentally,physically...

Anyone else finished and made it???


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Yep. Gonna sleep for a week.

Then I'm going to use the holiday time to get a jump on next semester's course work.

I can appreciate the war analogy. Definitely feels like boot camp to me ... LOL

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My final is on Monday. I have an 88 going into it. I am SOOO excited that this semester (Level I) is finally over. I feel like I have learned so much! I still have 3 semesters to go, but if they fly by like this one, I'll be grateful!

I still plan to work during the holidays, but am going to enjoy the time off with my children. I'm also going to enjoy sleeping late!!!!!

Also going to party for my big 3-0 (uh, I mean 29th :D - I'm 29 and holding!) in New Orleans with my husband and some friends. Can't wait!


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I was done Thursday... my relief lasted about 5 minutes.

While I was in my final final my 8 yo autistic son was running away from school! He made it all the way home... across some dangerous roads. A neighbor picked him up and took him back to the school. He has an aide who followed behind the whole way. He was too afraid that if he grabbed him he might be liable for suit. What about the suit he would be liable for should my son get hit by a car?

Of course, dh is on the mainland... will be home tomorrow and then next week, I CELEBRATE!!!

Good for us! We made it through the semester!:balloons:

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Rest up ! Best of luck to you for the following semester !


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My head is still spinning! It has been one LONG semester! Made it through nursing boot camp, lol. You're right, it does feel like we've been through a war! Getting some much needed sleep now, but still have to prepare for the two exams we'll take the first day of class. We have an Arnette test and a calculations exam that we'll have to make a 90 on to pass. Going to go over all of the techniques we have learned in clinicals, we'll have six weeks of clinicals this time. Congrats on all who made it, some of my classmates were left behind :o


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Yep!!!! Last final was Thursday and afterward, our entire class (more or less) went out for some celebratory drinks. I only imbibed slightly (had one) but when I left, most were pretty sloppy. We didn't lose one single person this round....YAY!!!!

I made it unscathed with an A in Foundations, an A in Pharmacology, and a B+ in Assessment (that one was a miracle, considering I BOMBED one of the exams). I got a 90 on my care plan, which really boosted my Foundations grade. I'm so happy to finally be .25 of an RN!!!! WHOOP, WHOOP!!!!!!

This break will be spent reviewing med-surg book and fluids/electrolytes/ABG's since that is what my biggest problem is. Hate 'em. Plus, I'm interviewing for an apprenticeship at a local hospital, which would be a great thing so I can actually PAY for books and classes!!!! We are SO broke after one semester of me not working. Gotta get a job! :o

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Goodness Sandy, what an ordeal. It's hard enough going to school with children without the added stress of a special needs child. My hat's off to you and a thumb's down on the aide's response to the crisis.

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Congo rats to all of you! My final is on Monday...I should be studying and not sitting here posting!:p


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yep, had my last final this morning. i hopefully got A's in both micro and a&p though it was definitely not easy taking both those classes and working full time on top of it.

i feel like a cross between just having finished a marathon and having cried my eyes out for a month. strange mix of relief/exhaustion.

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My last final is this Friday...Patho...then a whole bunch of our 190-member class is descending on a local pub to enjoy some cold frosty beverages. Only thing is it'll be ~11 a.m.!

So far I've got all As...and I only need an 80 on this final to get an A in the class. I've worked sooo hard for this!