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I just took the self assessment for u world my percentile is 78. Please let me know guys if thats good score.. or should worry about my score.

My board less than 2 weeks. I am repeat test taker.

My highest percentage was Adult Health 77% leadership & Management 64%

child health 60% and pharmacology 60% rest are 50's

Good luck everyone~

That's a pretty good score but like many have said before it's not the score you should be worried about its do you understand what the question is asking & do you know the material.....Best of luck!!!

I agree, I am going over my correct and incorrect answers re reading questions and rationals and taking notes. The way I am approaching management i feel the process of thinking about questions and elimination its helping me!

Agreed. It's important to understand the rationales and why the right answer is right and the wrong answers are wrong. Don't stay fixated on the's about understanding.

Good luck!

How are you appoaching management?

I am having a big problem with those., can you please explain how you break it down. Thanks

Are you talking about priority? or Management means when a nurse communicate with other professional such as PT

I approach priority by reading all answers then I ask myself which one is chronic stable vs acute unstable sometimes airway for COPD for 90% that's expected. You look at expected vs unexpected too. Burns ( upper body ) priority due to airway obstruction. Heart failure can be priority for elderly we give them too much bolus of fluid and can develop confusion and neuro symptoms; to be honest I learned talking to myself and try to explain myself steps. It helps I took Kaplan who to see first I scored 90% . Assignment questions are important always clean with clean and dirty with dirty. NEVER assign a patient who is immunosuppress such as taking chemo, HIV, or steroid.

Hope this helps :) Practice makes you a better critical thinking and test taker. (knowing contents its a good foundation to answer priority to know the expected S/S vs unexpected and chronic vs actue.

ALWAYS PHYSIOLOGICAL IMPORTANT OVER PHSYCHOLOGICAL EXCEPT in situation for psych patient can varies or patient malnutrition that's priority you go back to Maslow and food, nutrition are priority.

keep practicing and write those in paper to remind yourself.

I am a repeat test taker and English is my third language. I am not ashamed if failed exam I was happy last time I took it failing 265 all near passing and few above.

This time I feel much better because I never approach the question like this. I practice questions with my friend who passed and saying the answer and my process thinking loud it helps!

Good luck

Hi guys,

I need your advice! I've been doing UWorld, I have 1100 questions left. I'm currently on the 80th percentile. I took the NCLEX ASSESSMENT and did bad. I scored on the 56th percentile. Any advice? I've been ready each questions right or wrong. I did hurst, I'm doing Saunders on my weakness, and I have Kaplan too. On my first Kaplan question trainer, I scored 60%. Please help!!

Sometimes score won't matter; because i scored higher before in u world and i failed with 265 questions.. as long you reach each rationals and understand them too. don't overwhelm yourself with numbers what matter you retain the contents and your able to think critical thinking. Don't overwhelm yourself with too many materials. There's days when i know myself i can't study i go to gym or watch TV. Good luck!!

Thank you! What did you use to study for the second time around?

I am using u world and Mark Klimek notes (i had previously) i go back to topics i need more clarification. My main use is u world.

Thank You So Much! I've been focusing on UWorld and reading each rationale and also making notecards to retain the information.

Nickiebella, Have you taken your nclex yet?

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