Self assessment uworld score?


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Not yet! my exam date in few days! keep me in your prayer.


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Thank you so much! I appreciate how you broke it down to me

I know you'll do great on your test. Good luck


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No, I haven't took the test yet. I test in two weeks. 😬


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The UWorld self assessment proved to be right for me and I believe I had a 92% of passing. I passed in 75 only taking 40 minutes with my test. Of course I came out of there thinking I failed because you just never feel too sure with your answers when you're actually sitting there taking your NCLEX. Good luck and I'm sure you're fine.


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Goodluck! Im taking mine soon too! My uworld scores ranges from 55-65 then i got couple of 70s i think sometimes it is not about the score just make sure you analyze and read the rationales? Idk we'll find out once i pass lol